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The Kitchen: The LAST Demo

We have put off tearing out the kitchen sink and dishwasher because without it, that means we need to wash the dishes (and paintbrushes, spackle buckets, putty knives etc) in the bathtub. The same bathtub which drains at a rate of about 14 drops per hour. It isn't pretty.

Once again, I played plumber (and even electrician) and using directions from good old google, I figured out how to disconnect the plumbing and electrical on the dishwasher and garbage disposal. We are going to reuse them both so I needed to keep decent notes on how they were hooked up.

The tearout on this wall was interesting, in that it no longer was plaster, instead the old paper fiber insulation (it is an exterior wall) was just pushed up against the cabinets.

I also had the joy of discovering loads of mouse poop and even an old mouse nest. Gross.

The other interesting discovery was that the drain from the washing machine fed into the sink drain. Therefore, until the sink is hooked back up we also CANNOT DO LAUNDRY! The electric conduit, water pipes and drains both ran along the wall, and the cabinets had to be notched to accomodate them. This will have to be true of the replacement set since we cannot run water lines inside a poorly insulated exterior wall.

I cut down sheets of water resistant drywall (the purple stuff) and basically just sealed up the wall. Nothing fancy. The pipes remained exposed.

I then finished the plaster work and repainted the entire kitchen.

To appreciate how much plaster work needed to be done, I shot this video of all the newly painted walls. Pretty much all of the walls are brand new:

Then, using painters tape I mapped out where all the cabinets were going to be placed. This was for 2 reasons.
1. To see exactly where exposed wall surfaces were going to show. I wanted to make sure the plaster was nice where it would be visable
2. To see how the cabinet layout would sit in the kitchen.

Sink and dishwasher

Corner cabinet with pull out shelves

Empty spot=range and microwave hood

Pantry cabinet and built in bookcases

Next step: Ripping out the peel and stick floor and then cabinet install!!

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