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Celebrating the Snow Paula Deen Style

Last week, after getting hit by a big winter storm, ThePrincess and I decided to make snow cream.

I will confess I had never heard of this delectible delight until recently. Some fellow moms in a my local mother's group told me about it, and I had to try it for myself. There are many many versions but basically you mix snow with milk, sugar and flavor and you wind up with a cross between ice cream and shave ice.

For our specific trial, we settled on Paula Deen's food network recipe.

The snow we had here was wet and heavy and quite dense. If I were going to do it again, I would use less snow since I think the recipe means 8 cups of light fluffy snow. It was a little icy for my tastes, but it was still good.

Here is a quick and dirty how-to:

The snow
The other main ingredient (Low Fat: See it is practically diet food.)
Add the whole can plus 1 tsp. vanilla
Yes, it looks gross.. I thought the same thing, and it takes quite a while to get it completely incorporated.
All mixed up and ready to scoop.
The finished product. (Looks a lot like ice cream no?)

The recipe makes TONS (at least 9 cups) and it says to eat it immediately. After eating our fill, we still had a lot left over so I threw it in the freezer and although it was a bit more solid the next day, when you scraped it up with a spoon it tasted pretty much the same and regained most of the fluffy texture.
What to do with the snow you don't eat.

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