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Red, White and Blue Yogurt Berry Popsicles

Three Ingredient Red White and Blue Yogurt Berry Popsicles
There aren’t two things that go together much better than the Fourth of July and Popsicles.  Throw in the familiar flavor of berries and you have a trifecta of Summer!  
Raspberry blueberry yogurt popsicles
So today I am sharing how to make these SUPER EASY yogurt berry popsicles.

The funny TRUE STORY about how this recipe came about was that my 3 year old really wanted “Lightning McQueen Yogurt” (you know the kids’ yogurt in the stores with characters on the package) when we were in the grocery store one day.   Well, of course I should have known it wouldn’t matter what race car graced the packaging, he was NOT going to eat that yogurt.   I opened it and he took one bite and went with the “I don’t like dat!” reply that is ever too common these days.

So now I was stuck with a four-pack of yogurt he wasn’t going to eat.  HOWEVER.. here is the thing.. he eats frozen yogurt tubes ALL THE TIME. (You know the GoGurt type tubes, we happen to call them “squeezers” for some reason.)

Anyhow.. here I was with Lightning McQueen yogurt and I knew if i froze it I could get him to eat it.   It hit me! A light bulb moment.  I had some old popsicle molds I picked up at Ikea.. I could make popsicles out of the yogurt.   And it worked BEAUTIFULLY.   I knew I could turn them into something a little more grown up and a little less “get rid of old yougurt-esque”
Red White Blue Berry Pops
I thought adding fresh berries, especially against the pretty white yogurt would be really cool and I love how they came out. You could puree the fruit and get more distinct “stripes” in your popsicle, but the burst of flavor when you bite into a whole frozen blueberry is fantastic.

Summer patriotic popsicles

Yogurt Berry Popsicles

2 (1 cup) containers Vanilla Yogurt
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup raspberries

  • Place a few blueberries in the bottom of a popsicle mold
  • Add a layer of yogurt with a spoon and tap it down so it surrounds the blueberries
  • Place a few raspberries on top of the yougurt layer
  • Add a final layer of yogurt, tap down and insert the popsicle stick
  • Freeze for 6 hours or until pops are completely solid.
  • Run molds under warm water before trying to remove popsicles.

Blueberry Strawberry Yogurt popsicles
I used vanilla yogurt so they would be white, but my kids actually preferred them with flavored berry yogurts.  If you use those, your pops may be a little pink or purplish. Berry yogurt popsicle recipe
I dropped 2 or three berries in the bottom of the molds. (You don’t want too many since you are going to need to make sure you can shake yogurt down in between them or they won’t freeze into a shape, I found 3 worked best for my size/shape mold.

Top with a layer of yogurt and then push a few raspberries into the yogurt (I made sure to not put a raspberry right in the middle since that is where the popsicle stick will go)Adding raspberry to yogurt pop
I added the sticks and stuck them in the freezer.  It too mine about 8 hours to freeze since the berries were at room temperature.
DIY popsicle moldsRun the mold under warm water and slowly remove the pops! Homemade yogurt popsiclesThe kids really liked chewing the berries out of the yogurt, and I loved that this ice cream alternative is so much better for them. Red white and blue summer popsiclesI am now letting them have popsicles for breakfast, and they are happy as clams!  (And I don’t even have to sell it to them by using Lightning McQueen on the packaging!!) Berry Yogurt Pops

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