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The House Hunt: An Update. Good news for a change!

It has been a LONG LONG LONG time since I have updated you about our  house hunting adventure. In case you don't even remember what I am talking about, we began looking for a house back in May when we moved to our new city. Yes MAY! (more than 4 months ago)

After a horrendous moving adventure and getting settled into a temporary apartment we had nothing but trouble finding a house.

The last time I left you, it was July 10 and we had just lost out on our offer to buy a single family home by a mere $30,000.00. At that point I quit blogging about it. It was only depressing me. However the hunt DID continue.

After the July rejection we put an additional 2 offers on 2 more properties, and lost both of those. We were about to throw in the towel and just survive in our teenie rental apartment. (That would have sucked) Instead we gave it one last push and decided we would look at condos instead of single family homes.

Now, I NEVER wanted to live in a condo. I don't want to share walls/floors/ceilings with a neighbor. I want my own space. But we were desperate and since we are sharing walls/floors/ceilings right now, it couldn't be much worse.

As luck would have it, the first weekend we began the condo search we found something we liked (enough) and once again jumped in. And (THANK YOU JESUS) this time, we were the top bidders. It looks like the end is near!!

We are supposed to close on our condo (duplex actually) in mid Sept. We hope to move right around that time, because the Princess will be starting preschool that same week.

Fingers crossed that all goes well with our loan. Compared to our last loan (back in 2004) the qualifying process has been 1000x more intense. They practically want pay stubs as far back as my high school McDonalds gig. It is one huge headache.

I couldn't be happier to see this process come to an end.

And finally, a few stats to summarize this house hunting experience:
  • 168: Number of Open Houses Attended
  • 4: Numbers of offers presented
  • 1: Number of offers even considered
  • 18: Number of weekends spent househunting
  • $124,000: Amount of money outbid by on 3 failed offers
  • 2300: Approximate number of miles put on car during open house visits
  • 18: Number of open houses attended with the LabKids
  • 0: Number of open houses I would suggest attending with kids
  • 28: Number of days until we (hopefully) close
  • $263: Amount per square foot we are paying for condo
  • Countless: Amount of hair I have lost fretting about this whole ordeal

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  1. Ah, house hunting - can be fun, or super frustrating. So glad you found something and that the process is finally coming to an end!

  2. are all those real numbers?? 168 open houses? wow. you guys are go-getters!! house hunting is tough, you know we just went thru that. it can be soooo draining. i also hated taking the kids with us. so stressful!

    well, i'm glad you found a place you like. a condo is something we decided against... owned a duplex for 5 years with ppl living above us and i vowed to never do it again!!!

    thanks for your awesome comment on my blog!! it's readers like you that make me :)

  3. Impressive sq ft price. i was hoping this journey would be done soon.


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