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The Money Pit is Out to Get Me!

Tonight, once again, I was reminded of why I HATE this house. The kitchen windows have no latches so they tend to fall open spontaneously which is not a good thing when it is 21 degrees outside.

As a little "quick and easy" project (never should have thought that, everyone knows that is the kiss of death) I was going to attempt to put latches on the sashes. I go to slide the window open to drill pilot holes for the latches when to my disdain, the plate glass just pops out and cracks. Yep, just falls right out. The glazing has long since deteriorated and the sheets of glass in the windows are pretty much just propped against the frames. (Ahh.. that must be really energy efficient!)


Since this is a second floor window, there is no way to repair it from the outside, so we have to remove them. LabDad and I spent the better part of two hours, using a putty and utility knife to dig out the screws coated in about 12 layers of (probably lead based) paint so we could unscrew the frames and remove the tracks and sashes.

In the meantime the only thing stopping the frigid winter air from rushing in is a rickety old storm window. Great. Eventually we pry the two windows out (of course the broken one was the exterior sash) and patch up the window to the best of our abilities:
That is a drop cloth (old bedsheet) nailed up to the window.

Tomorrow I am headed to the glass shop with these beauties:
Nice paint job hey? You can tell these haven't been taken out since they were first installed. I guess that explains the non-existent glazing.

Here is a close up, where you can see what bad shape they are in:
Jealous aren't ya? Who wouldn't want windows as nice as those?

These bad boys are going back in tomorrow (and oh how I dread that since I know what a bitch it was to get them out.) It isn't in the budget right now to get new double pane windows.

The vast majority of our income right now is going to a complete kitchen remodel. Yes, I am elbow deep in yet ANOTHER do it yourself job. Here is a little preview:

This is what was behind the wood paneling. Ah, now I know why they put up wood paneling!

Some really awesome wallpaper behind more of the wood paneling. It is pretty much the only thing holding up the plaster walls.

Other side of the kitchen.. more wood paneling removal and more (albeit different) wallpaper.

Glad to know that was behind my cabinets.. mere centimeters from my food. YUM YUM.

Hopefully I'll get some good "Kitchen Remodel:Before" posts up shortly. That is just the tip of the iceberg!

I also have the big reveal from my recently remodeled DIY bathroom. I previously showed you the BEFORE and the DURING, but I do have it completed (finally!) At least every time I go in there to pee I know that eventually things will look better, although I will NEVER love TheMoneyPit.

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  1. Wow! I can certainly see why you call it the money pit! I hope the window-fix doesn't cost too much and can't wait to see how the kitchen remodel goes!


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