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100 Autumn Decorating Ideas

100 autumn decorating ideas100 Gorgeous Home Decorating Ideas
Welcome back to this month's All Things Creative.  This month we are focusing on FALL Decor.

Decorating your home for fall doesn't have to be difficult.  We've collected 100 different decor ideas to inspire you this autumn.
100 autumn decorating ideas

HTV Spiderweb Lace Collar On A Tank Top

Spider web around tshirt collar
Spider Web Lace Collar Tank Top. So cute!  Would be great at Halloween.  She made it with glitter HTV on a tank top
You all know I have a new Facebook page just dedicated to crafts right?  If you don’t follow me there, you are SERIOUSLY missing out because I share the funniest and most sarcastic crafts I can find.

Well earlier this week I shared an image of this TOTES ADORBS tank top that had a crocheted collar that appeared to be made by a giant spider.  I LOVED IT.. and apparently all my Facebook followers did too, because that post has recached more than 200,000 people in the last 2 days.
Spider collar
If anyone knows the original owner of this image, I would love to give them credit. I found it on Pinterest.  

Now my crochet skills are not nearly that good yet, I’m still stuck on more simple projects, but I can cut VINYL second to none.  And that is exactly what I did!  Spider lace collar on black tank top

Vintage Surveyor Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Wooden tripod lamp

DIY floorlamp from a vintage wooden tripod
This summer I made a trip out to my parents house and I spent a little time going through their basement.  My dad always has new and interesting treasures that he finds at flea markets and junk shops. 

Over in one corner I found this filthy wooden tripod, originally used for surveying.  I knew immediately that I wanted to turn it into a lamp so I packed it up and brought it back home with me.  (I stuck it in my suitcase.. I wonder what the TSA thought!) 

Repurposed wooden tripod

I have wanted one of these tripod lamps for-EVER.. since seeing them in the Pottery Barn catalog. 

tripod cherry floor lamp

My version looks pretty darn close! 

Vintage wooden tripod lamp

If you aren’t lucky enough to find an authentic vintage tripod, you can actually buy wooden tripod reproductions on Amazon for about $50.

DIY vintage wooden tripod lamp

Of course, they won’t come with the patina (or cobwebs) that are found on the authentic deal found in your dad’s basement but they are still cheaper than a $470 floor lamp. 

Vintage surveyors tripod

To turn this beauty into a light, it is pretty straight forward.  You just need a make-a-lamp kit and a lampshade.  (You could buy the rewiring supplies individually but the kit makes it easy.) DIY Make a lamp kit

I removed the center threaded washer from the tripod and added a threaded rod though (I used a longer one than the one that came with the kit, because the original was too short.. I secured the rod to the washer using a pair of nuts.  Replacement parts for rewiring lamp

I replaced the washer into the tripod and made sure the threaded rod was high enough to support the new light. Adding hardware to vintage tripod floor lampI added the light kitAdding light fixture to vintage wooden tripodAnd then attached the wires. Rewiring floor lampDIY rewired lamp from tripodFinally I added the shade and it was time to test It out! Adding shade to rewired lampWooden tripod lampIt worked greatDIY tripod lamp


This was just one of a series of amazing DIY projects.  You don’t want to miss them: Easy Home Decor Power Tool Projects

The Kim Six Fix Vintage Surveyors Tripod Lamp

Virginia Sweet Pea DIY Candlesticks Using Upcycled Bedposts

H2OBungalow Upcycled Metal and Wood Table

Create and Babble Little Round Stool

My Love 2 Create Small Decorative Caddy

My Repurposed Life Easy One Pallet Project

Designed Decor Build Your Own Tufted Bench  


How to Know When To Replace Your HVAC System

MG 1596
How to Know When To Replace Your HVAC System. The four factors you should consider when deciding if it would make sense to upgrade in order to make up the cost in energy and cost savings.

Did you know that the average lifespan of an heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is 15-20 years? Many systems can (and often do) last much longer, especially with proper maintenance, but in the U.S. many homeowners choose to replace or upgrade their systems more frequently. If your system is older than 20 years, you may want to consider replacement, even if it is still in good working order.

No Sew Fusible T-Shirt Applique

Appliquing an image onto a tshirt

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOANN. All opinions are 100% mine.
Appliquing an image onto a tshirt
Have you ever seen one of those cute appliqué shirts at boutique shops and think “I love this but I can’t sew”?

Well, today I am solving that problem for you.  There is a super quick and easy way to create appliqué and all it takes is your IRON.  Yes!

Crocheted Wreath from Plastic Six Pack Rings

Simple crocheted wreathsUse an old plastic ring off a six pack to create these super adorable crocheted christmas wreaths.  It is a perfect beginner project since it goes fast and doesn't use any complicated stitches.
For years and years and YEARS I have been trying to learn crochet.  I have always admiring my crafty friends who could whip up the most adorable crochet projects. I’ve take at least three in-person classes and watched countless youtube videos, but I just never got the hang of it.
That was UNTIL recently I signed up to take Kim Werker’s “Crochet: basics & beyond” on Craftsy.  She went so slowly and explained WHY you need to do certain stitches and what they all mean.  For some reason, a light just went on!

And now I’m OBSESSED.  (Seriously.. On craft store trips I’ve been hanging around the yarn aisle for way too long!)

Turn Kids Artwork into Embroidery Designs

Embroidery of children s drawings
Turn your kids drawings and artwork into embroidery.  This would be a great gift or look cute on a gallery wall!
I love encouraging my kids to be creative and make things, which is one of the reasons I have the kids’ artwork gallery wall, to display all their fun artwork.

I recently took the free embroidery class on Craftsy and I wanted to try my hand at a quick project, but instead of using some stock embroidery pattern, I thought it would be fun to use my kids’ artwork.
Embroidery of children s drawings

Original Bloggers' Projects Reproduced Without Permission

Bloggers have always been cutting edge creatives with fresh ideas and amazing artistic talents.  Many bloggers started blogging as an outlet for their ideas and projects, wanting to showcase their originality and ingenuity and inspire their readers to do the same.  Over time the creative blogging community has become so much more.

Bloggers' project ideas and designs are now what set trends and influence consumer opinions. They are no longer sharing their personal creativity, but instead have become digital influencers. Therefore  it should come as no surprise that frequently large retail stores and commercial brands use bloggers' ideas (sometimes identically) for their own products.

There are countless cases where this has happened (it has even happened to me) and so I'm sharing some examples to demonstrate how prevalent it really is.

Original Projects Duplicated Without Permission In Retail Store

This was one of my most popular pallet wood signs.  I came up with the idea of the little Christmas light stars after seeing it done on a piece of canvas art.  I featured it on my Christmas mantel back in 2013.

A reader sent me a photo of an exact copy she saw in her Hallmark Store:
Hallmakr stolen
This summer I was in Hobby Lobby and I INSTANTLY recognized this project:
The design belonged to Where the Smiles Have Been 

Having your projects replicated (and profited on) by a brand or store is NOT FLATTERING.  It is theft.  And sadly, it is not unusual. There are too many example to count, these are just a few: 


MyLove2Create's rustic halloween sign (for Oh My Creative)
Is still available on the Kirklands site

Sadie Seasongood's Halloween Moon Lamp at Pier 1

Two Twenty One’s Bathroom Printable
Spotted at Hobby Lobby
Chelsea product

Over Yonder Signs at Michael's

Nest for Less’ Cloud Ledge Shelves
Nest for less knockoff
At Hobby Lobby and Target

Design Turnpike and Hobby Lobby
Ella claire
Seen at Home Goods, Joss & Main, Marshall's and Wayfair
Lila Loa in All You Magazine
All you snowmen
Patriotic Mason Jars from Mason Jar Crafts
Red white blue american flag mason jars   Linda Braden
Spotted at Michael's:
American Flag Mason Jar  Michaels  Linda Braden"While not an exact copy, the ceramic American Flag mason jar I spotted at Michael's at the beginning of the summer gave me pause. The similarities are remarkable, no? I also sell this version at my Etsy shop. So did they "copy" the idea from my blog ... or my Etsy shop?"

Etsy Seller Joom and Home Goods
On My Own Place and Ebay (They use her ACTUAL photos) 
Screen Shot 2017 09 04 at 1 33 08 PM  Christine BackusScreen Shot 2017 09 04 at 1 37 50 PM  Christine Backus

The Word Agency reproduced by Forever 21

Brooklyn Limestone's Santa Sack being shared in numerous places


Some other examples include:

If you are a blogger and have had a project or design duplicated (uncredited and without your permission) I’d love to add it to this post.  You can submit your project HERE

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