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HTV Spiderweb Lace Collar On A Tank Top

Spider web around tshirt collar
Spider Web Lace Collar Tank Top. So cute!  Would be great at Halloween.  She made it with glitter HTV on a tank top
You all know I have a new Facebook page just dedicated to crafts right?  If you don’t follow me there, you are SERIOUSLY missing out because I share the funniest and most sarcastic crafts I can find.

Well earlier this week I shared an image of this TOTES ADORBS tank top that had a crocheted collar that appeared to be made by a giant spider.  I LOVED IT.. and apparently all my Facebook followers did too, because that post has recached more than 200,000 people in the last 2 days.
Spider collar
If anyone knows the original owner of this image, I would love to give them credit. I found it on Pinterest.  

Now my crochet skills are not nearly that good yet, I’m still stuck on more simple projects, but I can cut VINYL second to none.  And that is exactly what I did!  Spider lace collar on black tank top
I got out my Cricut and created my own version that I love even more than the original! 
Spider lace collar on tank top
But it isn’t just any vinyl.. it is GLITTER VINYL!!  Yes! It sparkles!!
Spider webs around shirt collar

If you have an electronic cutting machine, I have the SVG for sale here:
Spider web tankFirst I ordered some blank black tank tops and some Circut white glitter iron on. (If you aren’t super comfortable weeding really tiny stuff, I would DEFINITELY stick to plain white iron on vinyl.. since this is one microscopic project!)  
Weeding tiny spider web glitter HTV collar
The scallops are no bigger than a quarter, weeding those thin outside lines was ROUGH. 
The pattern itself is pretty straight forward but the hard part is getting it to fit the neckline of the tank.  I curved the original design before cutting but every tank is going to be a slightly different shape.Get the file here: 

I recommend cutting a test piece to of cardstock before cutting the design out of HTV.  That way you can alter the size and number of repeats
Spider web around tshirt collar
The reason my ‘lace' is so small is so it can fit on the shoulder band of medium racer back tank top. If you were using a bigger tank, or a regular tee you could enlarge the design and just cut off a few of the repeats.
HTV spider lace eyelet collar on tank
Even with the curve, I still had to cut the design apart in sections to get it to snug up exactly against the neckline.
Spider web collar HTV pattern
I attached the spider as a separate piece so the pattern is completely adjustable (if you don't want the spider to land right on a boob!) Glitter htv spider collar on tankThis would be cute on a regular t-shirt as well, and it would be easier to weed it if it were larger. Spider crawling around tank top neck
I love that it is a subtle design, perfect for Halloween!
HTV spider web lace collar
Get the file here:

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