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No Sew Fusible T-Shirt Applique

Appliquing an image onto a tshirt

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOANN. All opinions are 100% mine.
Appliquing an image onto a tshirt
Have you ever seen one of those cute appliqué shirts at boutique shops and think “I love this but I can’t sew”?

Well, today I am solving that problem for you.  There is a super quick and easy way to create appliqué and all it takes is your IRON.  Yes!

Using a heat activated glue sheet (known as fusible or fusible web) you can add fabric designs to clothing!
Raw edge applique fox tshirt
I found this cute fox drawing in a coloring book and I knew it would be a great shirt for my “What did the fox say?” obsessed 4 year old.

For this project I partnered with JOANN to bring not only my readers, but also all the JOANN App users a video tutorial of the process.  It is really straight forward, and would be a great craft to make with kids since you really only need to be able to cut along the lines and iron (which an adult should help with.)
Joann app for iphone
You can find this tutorial, the supply list and even COUPONS on the JOANN app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Joann app

No Sew Fusible Applique Supply List:

You can find all of the supplies at JOANN:- Fusible Web (I used Heat n Bond but there are many different brands available)
- Scissors
- Freezer Paper
- Fabric
-Marker or pen
- Blank T-shirt
- Iron & Ironing Surface
- Line drawing
Supply list for no sew raw edge applique


Step 1: Trace your design onto freezer paper and cut apart to make templates
Step 2: Iron freezer paper onto RIGHT SIDE of fabric
Step 3: Roughly cut out fabric (you don’t need to be accurate since you will be cutting closely along the lines further on in the process
Step 4: Iron fabric to fusible web (The wrong side of the fabric should be touching the shiny side of the fusible web. Don’t remove paper backing!)
Step 5: ACCURATELY cut out templates.
Step 6: Remove fusible backing paper and iron pieces together and onto t-shirt

Video Demonstration:

Here is a quick video of the process (This video is also available on the JOANN App)

No Sew Fusible Applique Tips:

-Make sure you apply enough pressure and leave the iron down for the right amount of time (depending on your fabric choice)  Follow the manufactures instructions for your fusible web closely!
- You can sew down edges with a zig zag, quilt or even straight stitch if you want a more authentic look. You can also use this same process to make home decor items like pillows or curtains.  Some products (like certain types of Heat n Bond are specifically made to NOT require sewing)
- Dark fabrics will show though light fabrics so darks should always be the last color you apply to the design. I will often cut the templates just slightly larger and allow the pieces to overlap slightly so no gaps show.

- Follow the washing instructions on the fusible web.  I wash and dry my shirts in the regular laundry and if the design starts to lift I just press it again.  The fabric may fray slightly on the edges, especially with lower thread count fabrics.
No sew raw edge applique
My four year old loves his ‘What did the fox say?” shirt. Personalizing Tshirt with fuible applique
 And I am just as excited to find the new JOANN app.

No more hunting for coupons on my phone’s browser while standing in line!  Plus there are a ton of fun project ideas and the weekly sale flyer is right at your fingertips!
Joann app for android
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How to applique fabric onto clothing and t-shirts without HTV or a sewing machine. I love this idea! Such an easy way to applique!

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