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Easy Hexagon Shaped Wooden Tray

Black and gold hexagon tray
Easy DIY Hexagonal tray
Today’s project would be a perfect starter project for any brand new woodworker, since it doesn’t require a lot of expensive materials, the cuts are all very repetitive and you get to work with some simple angles.
Small wooden 6 sided tray
It is a simple hexagonal tray made out of nothing more than a 96 cent furring strip and an old piece of wooden chipboard I took off the back of a cheap ‘assemble it yourself’ bookcase.

Hexagon gold and black tray
I painted it in a more modern black and copper color scheme (I actually used Devine Copper paint I had leftover from the copper paint dipped table and chairs I shared earlier) but you could make it more rustic or shabby chic by just changing the color.
DIY hexagon tray

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DIY hexagon gold and black tray

Easy DIY Hexagonal Tray


1”x2" furring strip
Miter Saw
Table Saw or Router
Grrripper Push block
Jig Saw
Chipboard or Luan
Nail gun
Wood Glue

 Cut List:

- (6) matching lengths of 1”x2” cut at 30 degree opposite angles** at both ends (to make a trapezoid)
- (1) Hexagon shaped bottom (cut from tracing)
Courtesy: Wood Magazine

**The angle confused me at first, until I realized you want a 60 degree angle at all 6 corners, and the miter needs to be half of that.  So you set your miter saw to 30 degrees to give you two 30 degree angles forming a 60 degree corner (repeated 6 times gives you 360 degrees.)

My sides were 7 inches long, but my tray was rather small, they can be any length as long as they are the same and the angles are +30 degrees on one size and -30 degrees on the other.

To make it go fast I cut the first one and then marked a line my table saw so I could cut 5 more without remeasuring.
Six sides of wooden hexagon
This is how they come together.  If they don’t fit tightly at this stage you need to recut them or sand them so the fit together without gaps, since they need to be pretty tight in order to hold the bottom of the tray in. Cutting boards to create hexagon
To create a groove for the bottom of the tray, I set the table saw blade up 1/2 inch, and I set my fence 1/2 inch away from the blade. I then used my Grrripper to run the edges across the blade leaving behind the kerfGrripper cutting slots in small pieces of wood

If you don’t have a table saw or if you board for the bottom of the tray is too thick, you could use a router to cut your groove instead. Cutting groves in mitered boardsNext I dry fit the trapezoid again, this time on top of my piece of chipboard. I traced the inside of trapezoid shape and then I added 1/3 inch extra around the outside (that is the part that will fit inside the groove you just cut.) You want to be as accurate as possible for this step. Wooden bottom for tray
I used a jig saw to cut out the trapezoid.
Assembling wooden hexagonal trayInsert the chipboard bottom into the slots and assemble your tray (this was the tricky part for me. Holding the pieces for the nail gun without them sliding.)Tongue and groove tray bottom
If your fit isn’t perfect, a little caulk will help! Wooden hexagon tray diyNow, onto paint. I used black for all but the top edge.   I used Valspar’s Devine Penny on the top Painting hexagonal tray
Sure came out cute, and only cost about 50 cents in supplies!   Gotta love that! Heaxagon wooden tray

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