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Cabinet Door Stenciled Sign

Have some old cabinet doors on hand? Whether you have remodeled or found them junkin, make these doors into signs. This diy project is easy to do and uses most items you already have on hand. Make a cabinet store sign to give as a gift, for your own home decor, or to sell at a craft / vintage fair.
A night on the town might mean a fancy dinner or dancing for some, but for us it means thrifting.

Video Game Organization Station from a Single Board

Video Game Organization StationIf the area around your TV looks anything like mine used to, you are going to be THRILLED with today’s post.  My kids’ video games and console accessories were driving me CRAZY!  I would find them all over the place, mixed in with the DVDs, left in the sofa cushions or on the coffee table.  We have a Nintendo WiiU and the amount of junk that goes with this game system is unbelievable.   From the actual games to the little Disney Infinity characters, there was video game stuff everywhere.  So for my entry into the $10 and under Power tool challenge, i decided I had enough! I was gong to build an organizer!
Wii games storage station

Buffalo Snow Frosted Candle Holders

Buffalo Snow Frosted Mason Jar Lanterns
Today I’m sharing a quick and simple Christmas project that looks absolutely fabulous.  These mason jar frosted lanterns would be gorgeous in a window on as table centerpiece.  They are so easy to make and cost virtually nothing!
Frosted Christmas Mason Jars
I upcycled some jars out of the recycling bin, and used trims I already had on hand.  The only thing you may need to buy is fake snow (Buffalo Snow) but I had some leftover from last year's apothecary jar vignettes.

As an added bonus, this is just one of 8 projects this month based on candles as part of this month’s Create and Share Challenge.  Lots of fun ideas if you are a candle lover!

DIY Christmas Ornament and Decorating Ideas

Christmas Ornament and Decorating Ideas from Today's Top DIY Bloggers
Today we're talking CHRISTMAS!!  (whooop whoop!!)   Once again I've gotten together with the All Things Creative team to bring you today's post.  It is a round up of some of the most creative  Christmas ornaments, tree decor and other holiday projects from some of my favorite bloggers!

How to Clean and Winterize A Gas Grill

How to Clean and Winterize you gas grillWith the start of fall, it is also approaching the end of grilling season.  In many parts of the country you can grill year round,  but if you live anywhere where the weather gets too nasty to be outside, you want to consider winterizing your grill and putting it away for the cold months.  (Although even if you do grill round, doing a good pre-winter cleaning is a good idea too!)

Dollar Store Sticker Sign

Hello friends! It's Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable and today I have a super easy DIY cheat for you. I am going to show you how to make a custom wooden sign with a dollar store sticker. It's an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home and there are no fancy skills required.

I promise.

15 Recyclables You Can Repurpose and 7 You NEVER Should

Which recyclables are safe to reuse
There is something immensely gratifying about saving something that would be trash from the landfill and using it for a whole new purpose.  I have no shortage of crafty and home dec projects on this blog that take an old recyclable and turn it into something fun.
However, when you are pondering the items in your recycling bin, or see that cute idea on Pinterest, you should seriously consider exactly what that container was used for originally, because there are some recyclables that are NOT worth crafting with.

Customizable Wooden Scroll Saw Ornaments

Customizable Wooden Scrool saw ornaments
Today's project was a fun one since I got to bring out my scroll saw!   I am participating in the 31 Days of Handmade Ornaments blog hop and I decided to create a series of ornaments that could be used alone or in conjunction with each other.  (You can see the other entries at the bottom of this post.)

Popcorn Box Challenge: Googlie Eye Box

Googlie Eye Covered Popcorn Box
This may be a slightly unusual project, but there is a method to my madness!  For the past few years Laura has set up a challenge every halloween to decorate a popcorn box.  This year she invited me to join the fun and I couldn’t pass it up!  I love a good challenge!

Free Printable Halloween Themed Lunchbox Notes for Kids

Halloween treats printable lunchbox notes

I'm so excited to bring you a new free printable today!  And these guys are so cute!

Kids' lunchbox notes featuring candy and treats, just a sugary as my little ones!  With Halloween coming up soon, I thought these would be a SWEET way of sending my love to my kids.

MyQ Remote Garage Door Controller: Use Your Phone To Control Your Garage Door

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chamerlain for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Control your garage door with a cell phone
I spend a LOT of time in my garage.  In fact, after we purchased this house it was one of the first 'rooms' in my house I fixed up because it is so much more than a garage for us. It is a mudroom, and workshop and storage area.

Right now my garage is full of projects and I'm not actually parking my car inside.  Because it is more of a workshop than a parking spot,  I am constantly coming and going out, opening and closing the door to control the temperature, or let light in, or to load and unload my building supplies and thrift store treasures.

How to Clean Your Power Tools

How to clean power tools
As a DIY’r, my power tools are a huge investment and a big part of what I do every day.  In order to prolong their life and keep them in good working condition, it is important to keep them clean and maintained on a regular basis.   Power tools, especially ones specifically designed to work with wood, tend to get filthy.  Sawdust and fine grit builds up easily.  This build up can get into joints and moving parts and hurt your tool performance.  To avoid this potentional costly damage, I wanted to share some tips with you on how to quickly give you power tools a quick clean up.

Lace Doily Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin

Lace covered dollar store pumpkin
Here we are!  The last day of Dollar Store Pumpkin week! If you haven’t seen Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 you may want to check those out too.. but for now, here is the final pumpkin makeover for 2016!   A lace covered pumpkin!
Lace wrapped dollar store pumpkin

Button Covered Dollar Store Pumpkin

Button covered dollar store pumpkinWelcome to Day 4 of Dollar Store Pumpkin Week!  I’ve done some pretty easy makeovers earlier in the week, but today’s pumpkin transformation is one that took a fair amount of time.  Very similar to my wood slice pumpkin, this makeover requires you to glue on buttons.. one by one.  It is time consuming, but the final result is pretty cool.

Distressed Dollar Store Pumpkins with a Crackle Finish

Distress painted dollar store pumpkins
Day 3 of Dollar Store Pumpkin Week!  We’ve had rope and glitter and today is a simple distressed finish.  The same finish I’ve shared before.  Crackled with wood glue and then distressed with a glaze. Crackle painted
The drastic change for this project is really clear when you put the before and after side by side:
Painted chippy dollar store styrofoam pumpkins

Glittered Dollar Store Pumpkins

Gold Glittered Dollar Store Pumpkins
Yesterday I kicked off Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover week, and we are continuing on again today.  Today’s version is super straight forward and easy to do, which is great if you want to make multiples.  It would be hard to make, say.. 10 of these wood slice pumpkins (and i’d lose my mind if I even had to make more than one of these tufted types) but today’s version is super fast and easy!
Gold glittered pumpkin
If you wanted to fill a large basket or place dozens of pumpkins on your hearth, this would be a great version to make.  And since the supplies are so inexpensive, you are really only spending about $1 per pumpkin.
Dollar Store Pumpkin with Glitter

DIY Glittered Pumpkin:


Dollar Store (or other inexpensive) pumpkin
Glitter (I used gold, but you could make them any color. A bronze or orange or red version would be pretty too. If you are also glittering the stem, you need glitter in that color as well.)
Paint to match your glitter (I used gold metallic since my glitter was gold)
Mod Podge (if your pumpkin is the same color as the glitter. In my case, I used mod Podge on the stem)
Paint Brush
Supplies for glittering pumpkin

Step 1: 

Paint a small section of your pumpkin in the paint that matches you glitter. You don’t want too large of an area since you need the paint to stay wet.

Metallic painted dollar store pumpkinStep 2: 

Apply a GENEROUS amount of glitter to the wet paint.  You want glitter to cover the entire surface evenly. Painting and adding glitter to pumpkin
You don’t really have a chance to go back and add more glitter so you want it thick from the get go.  To avoid wasting glitter I collected the extra on a tray and then was able to re-use it.
Adding glitter to styrofoam pumpkinRepeat this process around the entire pumpkin.   Allow it to dry entirely.

Step 3:

Carefully apply your paint or Mod Podge to the stem of the pumpkin making sure not to get it on the dried glitter.
Mod podge glittered pumpkin
Sprinkle the glitter carefully onto the damp surface, making sure not to get it in the wrong areas.  (I found this was easiest by holding the pumpkin on it’s side or almost upside down.)Adding green glitter to pumpkin stem
Allow the second color to dry and you have a completed pumpkin! Gold Sparkly DIY pumpkinWhat a sparkly way to start your Halloween!

Rope Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin

Easy Rope Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin
Welcome to Dollar Store Pumpkin makeover week for 2016!  Every year I spend a week making over 5 dollar store pumpkins and this year is no exception.

Today’s project combines two things that I love: Dollar Store pumpkin makeovers and DIY challenges!   I have joined with 13 other bloggers to use ROPE to create a fun home decor item.  The other participants have some amazing projects too!  You can check them out below.

14 Fun and Fany DIY Rope Projects
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