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Video Game Organization Station from a Single Board

Video Game Organization StationIf the area around your TV looks anything like mine used to, you are going to be THRILLED with today’s post.  My kids’ video games and console accessories were driving me CRAZY!  I would find them all over the place, mixed in with the DVDs, left in the sofa cushions or on the coffee table.  We have a Nintendo WiiU and the amount of junk that goes with this game system is unbelievable.   From the actual games to the little Disney Infinity characters, there was video game stuff everywhere.  So for my entry into the $10 and under Power tool challenge, i decided I had enough! I was gong to build an organizer!
Wii games storage station

The other entries into this month’s challenge are a lot prettier than mine, but I am just so happy with how well mine functions!  I have yet to find a video game box on the floor!  And to my delight, the games are even finding their way back to their boxes now that it is easier to find where they go!  ALLELUIA!
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This month, the challenge was even more special because readers were invited to create their own project (costing under $10).. and one lucky winner took home a fantastic prize pack courtesy of Ryobi.   Those entries (and the winner) at the bottom of this post! 

  Here is how I handled the challenge.

Video Game Organization Station:
Wii Organizer

My rack features slots for 11 games (which is more than we currently have). If you have more than this you could modify it to fit more. Video Game Storage Rack
It also has two slots to hold our Wiimotes. (Again, we only have two, but there is room to add slots for two more if I need to)Wii Controller OrganizerThe other side has a set of cleats for hanging for our other accessories, and are large enough that they could hold multiples if they needed to.
Wii controller storageThe top of the box houses our small collection of Disney Infinity characters (these figures have a chip that is read by the Wii instead of a disc.  They aren’t just dolls.)
Disney infinity character organization
I had seen wall mounted racks online, but they cost at least 30 bucks but I didn’t really want to hang this stuff on the wall (ours is housed in a cabinet under the tv).  That is how I came up with my design.


1/4 sheet of 1/2” birch plywood  ($4.99)
(2) rope cleats ($2.15/each)
1/2 yard elastic paracord ($0.50)
Paint (optional)

Total cost:  $9.79

Video games storage from plywood

Tools Required:

Table Saw or Circular Saw
Router and 1/2 inch straight bit
Nail Gun
Sander and Sandpaper


The first thing I did was cut a strip of plywood to double the width of the short (top/bottom) side of the game boxes.  The length of the your plywood will be the height of your box.  Next I marked how far apart I wanted the slots for the games to be.  Mine were about 1-1/4 inches apart, which gave me a 3/4 inch gap between each game box.
Measuring thickness of video gameUsing a router with a 1/3 inch straight bit, I cut a series of slots for the games to slide into. Router bitsI used a board as my guide and just slid it along at 1-1/4 inch intervals.  Once I had all the slots cut, I ran the board though my table saw cutting it into two halves. This way the slots would align perfectly. Routing out slots for videos
Using a game as a guide, I cut the top and bottom to length. Video game rackNext I sanded all the rough edges. (I could have used a higher grade plywood for a nicer finished edge, but I was staying on budget)Sanding plywoodA coat or two of paint and it was time to assemble. Painting video storage rackI used my nail gun instead of screws since it did’t need to hold up to a lot of wear and tear. Nail gunFinally, on one side I drilled holes just wider than the Wiimote and fed an elastic cord though.
Wiimote bungee storageI pulled it so it was just barely taught around the controller.  The elastic holds it in place but stretches enough to make it easy to remove the Wiimote. Wiimote storageOn the other side I added two rope cleats, this will allow me to hang all the peripheral corded accessories like the steering wheel or nunchucks. Brackets
If you are worried about the games sliding out the back, you could add another piece of plywood to the back, but it isn’t a big deal, they tend to not slide much.
Video Game Box OrganizationI am just so glad I have gotten control of all the video game clutter in my living room!  Best $10 I’ve spent!

Now check out the reader entries: 

And the winner (chosen by the Power Tool Challenge Team) was:  Shawna Salter Harrington and her reclaimed wood headboard:

Congrats Shawna and thanks to everyone who linked up their projects! 

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