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Cat Litter Bucket into Nautical Storage Tote (Tutorial)

For the new nursery I am looking for budget friendly, nautical inspired storage solutions. I wanted open top boxes to throw toys, clothes, blankets for quick and easy clean up.  I was considering baskets but wasn't able to find any that I really liked.

Then when I gathering up the recycling this week, I saw this little container and realized I need to think outside the box (the litter box!?!)

It is the perfect size, and is nice and sturdy, I just needed to make it pretty.  Nothing a little sisal rope and plastic spray paint can't fix.

I ended up using 2 rolls of rope, and 1 can of spray paint.  Total investment, less than $15.

First I sprayed the interior of the box:

Then I wrapped the rope around the outside and glue gunned it down.  (This took forever.)

I wanted handles, so I drilled 2 holes on each side.

Then I inserted a 8 inch length of rope into each hole. I had to tape the ends to make it easier to get through the holes without fraying.

Then I tied the rope off inside the box:

It was cute plain, but I wanted to to be decorated.  I made my own anchor stencil on FREEZER PAPER!!  This is the trick.  Freezer paper can be ironed down to almost any surface, and is so much cheaper than buying fancy stencils.  

I roughly drew out an anchor.

To make sure it was symmetric I folded it in half and cut it out.

Then I ironed it to the bucket:

A little craft paint:

I removed the stencil for the big reveal:


What a transformation:

It is going to look adorable in the new nursery!

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