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A Child's Jewelry Box Grows Up

Jewelry Box Makeover
I’m so excited for this month’s power tool challenge.  The theme this month was “MODIFY” and we were supposed to take an existing piece and change it.   That is right up my alley.

The piece I started with was this super cheap MDF child’s jewelry box.  It was great for my kids when they were little, but hearts and flowers no longer cool when you are on the cusp of middle school so I thought it was time to give it a makeover.  I loved the little ball feet, but the heart pulls were too ‘babyish’ according to my fifth grader. and don’t get her started about the ladybug!  (*insert pre-teen eye roll here!)
Childs jewlery box before makeoverThis is how it looks today and the girls couldn’t be more thrilled. They plan on adding labels to the pulls with their names.. so each of them gets three drawers.
Decopage jewlery box makeover
The cool part about this project is that I only used a SINGLE power tool (a random orbit sander) and the chippy distressed paint job on the front isn’t exactly as it appears!

I’ll share the whole step by step process below.. but first you need to see the projects from the other 8 participants in the challenge this month:
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Child’s Jewelry Box Makeover


Putty Knife or Razor Blade
Wood Filler or Spackle
Random Orbit or Palm Sander
220 Grit Sandpaper
Paint & Roller
Mod Podge
Scrapbook Paper
Name Plate Drawer Pulls
Hammer & Nail or Awl


The original jewelry box was pretty colorful, and the little heart pulls were just glued on. Painted colorful jewlery box
Using a putty knife or paint scraper remove the handles.  A few quick taps on the handle is all it took for these:Removing drawer pulls from jewlery boxIf the MDF below is damaged you will want to fill in the holes left behind.  Updating childs jewlery box
Next using your power sander, remove the top layer of paint.  Since this was MDF I was very careful to not oversand.  I just wanted the pattern knocked down enough that I wasn’t worried about it showing through the new paint.  If you are painting it dark, you only need to sand it enough to rough up the surface.  High grit (220-300) work fine for this.Sanding MDF jewlery box
Next I painted the entire jewelry box.  I used a cream colored wall paint I had leftover from another project. Painting kids jewlery box
I went to the craft store and found some fabulous faux wood scrapbook paper. There are a lot of types and colors and styles to choose from, so I brought home a few and settled on the one that looked best (since the box is small.. a small scale print was my favorite.

I also picked up these label holder drawer pulls, to give the box a card catalog feel.
Scrapbook paper and drawer pull cabinet makeoverI traced the scrapbook paper and cut them out with a scissors. Then I painted on a layer of Mod Podge, added the paper and coated with another layer of Mod Podge.  After that layer dried I added a second layer, taking extra care to make sure I sealed the edges really well.
Mod podge scrapbook paper on jewlery box
Next I added the pulls. Make sure you put them high enough that you can still pull out the drawer below.  To attach them I used a hammer and nail to create a pilot hole through the paper (you could also use an awl.) I then used a screwdriver to add the label holders. (You don’t want to use a drill or driver for this since the jewelry box is so thin!)Adding card catalog hardware to jewlery box
I slid the drawers back in and that is all there was to it! Mod podge jewlery boxIt is an amazing transformation.. and it only cost about $6 for the pulls and the paper!  A much better deal than buying my picky tween a new jewelry box! Distressed wood jewlery box

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