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125+ Painting and Stenciling Project Ideas

125 Different painted and stenciled project ideas 
If you have read this blog for more than 5 minutes, you already know that I am sorta a sucker for painting and stenciling projects.  Furniture, rooms, fabrics, crafts.. If it isn't nailed to floor or has a pulse, chances are I want to paint it.

So I was so excited when the All Things Creative Team decided that this month we would feature 125 (more like 135!) stenciled and painted projects.
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Tried & True

The best part about this collection is how it is a mix of all our personalities and interests. We all have a slightly different style.. form country and farmhouse, to whimsical and quirky.  Plus these projects vary wildly when it comes to difficulty. There are projects that would take you 5 minutes, and huge projects that involve the entire room.

I know you will enjoy browsing through them.. and will find something to be inspired by!

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