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Countdown to Disney World Clock

DIY Disneyworld Countdown Clock
We recently got back to our trip to Disney and IMMEDIATELY the kids began planning our next trip.   On previous visits they were too young to really remember all the attractions, but this past time clearly made a big impression.   Now they are ALWAYS asking “When can we go back to Disney?”  

Just recently, after answering “I don’t know..” for the thousandth time, I thought I would try a new strategy and replied: “We’ll go to Disney when we have time!!”

To which my kids answered:  “MOM!!! There is ALWAYS time to go to Disney World!”
I thought that was pretty funny.. so as a tribute to my kids' vacation planning, and on behalf of Scholastic (who is sponsoring this post), I came up with this easy DIY clock to put in their room.

Now when they ask me when it’s time to go to Disney world, I can tell them to check their clock!

Disneyworld Castle ClockIf you have a trip scheduled already, surprising your kids with this clock would be a great trip announcement idea.

If you’d like to re-create a clock while you bide your time before your next Disney World vacation, let me show you how easy it is. The full tutorial is below.
Of course, if you are only in the beginning of your Disney World vacation travel planning, there are a ton of great resources out there.  Summer is (obviously) a really popular time for families to visit the parks because school is out and many families have vacation time, however if your kids have to miss school for a family vacation you can find great advice about that too.  Sometimes you just “Can’t Wait for School Break” (literally!)

You can always make sure that you are emphasizing the educational parts of the Disney Parks, and even helping them keep up with their reading while they are away.   Going during the school year means less crowds and shorter lines, which means a more enjoyable trip for everyone!

So (like my kids area always asking) “Is it finally TIME TO GO to Disney World?"

How to Make Your Own Countdown to Disney Wall Clock

 To start, I purchased a very inexpensive wall clock. (It really doesn’t matter what the face looks like since you are going to replace it.)
Simple Inexpensive wall clock
You can unscrew the glass face plate out frame from the backside.  Dissasembling Wall Clock to Replace FaceOnce you have it apart, you will also have to CAREFULLY remove the hands of the clock.  You don’t want to bend them or the pins that hold them on. How to Dissasemble a Clock to Replace Face
To make my clock face I used some glittered cardstock and vinyl.  Supplies to make your own disney clockI cut out some silhouettes on my Silhouette machine, but you could also just print out your face on cardstock.  As long as the cardstock is thick enough so the old clock face doesn’t show through (you may be able to remove your old clock face.. mine was glued on.) Cutting Vinyl to make a clock for DisneyworldDon’t forget you are going need a hole in the center of your new clock face for the hand mechanism to stick through.  Custom Disney World Clock Face
To attach the new clock face, I used spray adhesive.  I didn’t use another type of adhesive because the spray type gave me the thinnest and smoothest finish. Replacing a clock face to make a disney clock
For a touch of whimsey I added a tiny vinyl Tinkerbell silhouette to the minute hand.
Tinkerbell Minute hand on Disney ClockNow she flies around Cinderella’s castle! Time to go to disney world clock
I wrote this point on behalf of Scholastic.  They content, ideas and clock design are my own.   I was compensated me for my time and materials.  For my full policy on sponsored content, please visit this post.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Disney. The opinions and text are all mine.

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