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35 Ways to Repurpose Cribs (and Parts of Cribs)

35 Unique Repurposing Ideas for Old Cribs

My toddler is starting to get a little too big for his crib and I’m really considering my options on what to do next.   I am on the fence about if I should just get rid of it or convert it to something else.   You may have seen the crib before if you were around during my Nursery Reveal a few years back. (Boy how times flies!) 
The crib itself is a convertible style and with the older girls we have used it as a ‘day bed/toddler bed’ by taking off the front rail.  It also converts to a full size twin bed (using the back as a headboard) but we have never used it that way.

It is actually quite beat up.  Three kids have used it and it has been in assembled and reassembled more than 8 times with all the moves we have gone through. I’m just not sure I want to keep using it as a bed.  Here it was back when my youngest daughter used it in the Boston Money Pit:

Which brings me to today’s post.  I was looking around for ideas on what I could do with an old crib.  I considered donating it, but it was formerly a drop-side crib (although we have the conversion kit so it no longer drops) but because of the liability very few charities even accept it.

So that left me with the idea of repurposing it.  I have seen so many crib upcycles I ended up on an hours long tour of the internet getting inspired. I actually haven’t decided exactly what I will do with it, but I did decide I wanted to share some of the most unique and interesting ideas I found.

I thought I would break the list down by which parts of the crib were actually used for the projects (since not all projects used all the parts!) That division is also nice if you ever find parts of a crib or different styles of crib (for example.. our crib doesn’t come with a set of springs, it has an MDF bottom.. so I couldn’t necessarily use all the ideas that are out there..)

Enjoy the list, I’d love for you to leave me a quick comment with your favorite!  


Picnic Entertainment Center: Consignment Sale Queen
Outdoor picnic entertainment center from crib

Daybed Style Bench: The Adventures of Elizabeth
Vintage crib turned seating

Dog Crate: My Love 2 Create for My Repurposed Life
Crib into Dog Crate 
Bar Stools: Custom Made
Bar Stools from crib
Bar Cart: Mindi (via Hometalk) 
Bar Cart from crib

Chair: Junk Blossoms
chair from crib parts

Quilt Rack: Pinterest (source unknown)
Quilt rack from crib
Potting Bench: Shelstring 
Crib Potting Bench
A Child’s Art Station: A Little Learning for Two 
Repurposed Crib

Sofa: Pudel Deisgn
Sofa from two cribs

Chicken Coop: Weed ‘em & Reap
crib chicken coop upcycle
Toy Chest: Handmade by Meg K 
toy chest from crib

Garden Gate: Uploaded to Pinterest
Garden gate
 Porch Swing: Uploaded to Pinterest
Porch Swing from Old Crib
Toddler Bed: 3 Little Chicks

Compost Bin: Flickr
Crib compost


Bench: A Diamond in the Stuff
Bench from side of crib
Play Tent from Crib
Craft Room Organizer:  Made by Marzipan
Thread Organization from crib
Clothes Drying Rack: Northwest Edible Life
Patriotic Yard Art: Curb AlertAmerican Flag Crib Rails 
Garden Trellis: A Bird and A Bean
Garden Trellis crib sides
Bike Rack: Here Comes The Sun
Bike rack from side of crib
Book Sling: DIY Home Sweet HomeBook Sling from crib
 Wagon: Tidbits
Wagon from old crib


Magnet Board: Frosted Gardner
Crib turned message board

Plate Rack: My Repurposed Life
Plate rack from crib spindles
Chalkboard Easel: The Red Kitchen
Chalkboard crib easel

Feed Bin: Home Storage Solutions 101
Food Bin from Crib sides


Memo Board: The Handmade Home 
Crib Spring memo Board
 Vertical Garden: Consignment Sale Queen
Vertical garden from crib
Mason Jar Hanging Lights: Itsy Bits And Pieces 

Hanging mason jars on crib springs
Shoe Rack: Uploaded to Pinterest
Shoe Rack from Crib Springs

Jewelry Organizer: Fake It Frugal
Crib spring jewlry organizer

Plus here are some other repurposing and upcycling ideas that have been really popular:

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