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Wonder Woman Jewelry Organizer

Wonder woman jewelry organizer using cabinet hardware
On Friday’s post I shared my Wonder Woman Rast Hack where I transformed a dresser with paint and vinyl, but that wasn’t the end of my “Wonder Woman” inspiration.  I had another part of that project to share, but in order to keep that post a reasonable length, I broke this second part of the project (a jewelry organizer) into it’s own post.
Wonder Woman Jewelry holder made from cabinet knobs. Since every woman can be a wonder woman!
I figured every Wonder Woman needed a place to hang their their jewelry. Even Lynda Carter had some bullet proof wrist cuffs she needed a place to store.. right? 
Lynda carter wonder woman
Photo © American Broadcasting Company 
The process to making this jewelry hanger was exactly the same as the dresser itself.  First I painted a piece of scrap plywood with PPG Voice Of Color Manor Hall Interior Paint (the background was Electric Blue and the text was Acorn Squash.)
Painting board with PPG Electric Blue
Then I cut out a black vinyl outline using my Cameo to create the text shadow:Painted wonder woman signNext I needed a place to hang my necklaces or bracelets, so I chose the Conquest knob from Hickory Hardware in Polished Chrome. 
Silver cabinet hickory hardware knobs for organizerI liked this knob since it was really reflective and shiny and reminded me of Wonder Woman and her silver cuffs. Hickory Hardware for Jewelry OrganizerInstalling them on the board was a breeze, just drill a hole.. Drilling hole to add knobs to board
..add the screw included with the knob..Attaching cabinet knob to boardand screw it on. Adding cabinet knobs to organize jewelryI mounted it on the wall with some foam mounting squares, but you could obviously screw it to the wall, or add hanging hardware to the back if you were going to add a lot of weight to it (I’d be jealous of you jewelry collection if that is the case!) You are Wonder WomanIt is seriously the cutest little addition to hang over the new dresser.  It is like an entire WONDER WOMAN DRESSING STATION! Wonder woman dressing table
Since there is a little Wonder Woman, in all of us! Wonder woman jewlery organizer
Once again, I’d like to thank Hickory Hardware and PPG Voice of Color for giving me this opportunity.  If you would like to see more Rast Hacks from other bloggers, you can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter Under:  @hickoryhardware  @voiceofcolor

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