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Red Carpet Worthy Haute Couture Dress From Unconventional Materials

Paper dress on dress form
Today’s post is a really fun one. In the spirit of those Fashion Design Reality Shows (a genre I ADORE) I wanted to make my own haute couture piece of fashion; A Kim Six original.  And with Awards Show season right around the corner, I was inspired to create my own high fashion red carpet dress, since why not? Right?

Now I personally won’t be walking the red carpet anytime soon, but I was thinking something a little more “crafty” like this sequin adorned dress form I recently saw in a store.  This would be the perfect table top decoration for a appetizer table at a Red Carpet party!  (And there is no need to squeeze into one myself!)
Table Top dress form with gown
Now if you watch Fashion Design Competition Shows at all, you know they have ‘unconventional materials’ challenges every season.  Where, instead of using fabric, they use things that you would never associate with high fashion.  And this is exactly what I did:
Red carpet worthy paper towel dress

I have ALWAYS said I would never ever write a post about either feminine hygiene products or toilet paper, but today I have to eat those words.. Because paper towels and toilet paper were the PERFECT materials for this project.
White a line dress with wrap top
That is right!  This darling little A-line dress is made of nothing more than Bounty paper towels and Charmin toilet tissue.  (Did you see that coming?)
Dress made of paper towels and toilet paper

How to make paper towel dressThe only other supplies I needed for this dress were a scissors, a few straight pins and a little white school glue.

I started by creating the skirt out of paper towels that were cut in half.
Cutting paper towels
I then curled them over and folded them down to make little “cones” which I pinned to dress form.
Rolled paper skirt for dress
I went all the way around the mannequin allowing every other cone to overlap the previous one. Paper towel skirt
That is all there was to the bottom of the dress.  Nothing but bounty paper towels:
Paper towel dressThe top of the dress was slightly trickier. I unrolled a couple sheets of Charmin toilet paper, cut it down the long ways and then folded it in thirds (using a tiny swipe of glue to keep the folds flat.

Then I started around mid-chest level and began layering the strips at an angle and pinning them to the dress form.
Haute couture toilet paper dressNext I covered the pin heads with more strips going in the opposite direction. Pinning toilet paper dressAnd finally more rows which wrapped all the way from font to back, forming the ‘sleeve’ of the dress.   These straps went all the way from the waist on the front to the waist on the back, so that the pin heads were at the waistline. Wrapping dressFinally I added a ‘belt’ at the waist to cover all the pin heads from both the skirt and the final shoulder straps.
Toilet paper dress
I used a little glue to secure the belt in the back.  And with that, there were no more exposed pin heads.  That was all there was to it! Paper dressHere is what it looks like from the back.
Back side of paper white dress
I absolute love it.  (More than I thought I would.. actually.)

Charmin and bounty dress
And the funniest part is, that if you look really close, you can see the word “Bounty” stamped into the skirt. Bounty paper towel
My favorite fashion instructor would be so proud!  I "MADE IT WORK"!
Haute couture paper dress

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