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Scrappy Christmas Pillow Tutorial

You guys! I can't wait for you to meet Alicia!  She is a wonderful creative blogger and I know she will inspire you to get crafty!  I actually asked her to be one of my contributors since I love her quilting. You should see her little camper applique quilt. It is adorable!  If you own a sewing machine and think it is intimidating, Alicia has so many great tutorials for simple projects (like this little mug rug)  that would be great for the beginner.  Her instructions are super straight forward and she breaks it down really well.  You're going to love it!

So without further ado, let me introduce the fabulous Alicia: 
Creating this darling christmas pillow out of scraps of fabric.  A great way to create a custom christmas look on a tiny budget

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be here to share some really awesome sewing tutorials with you! I have a passion for sewing and I love to create great tutorials! I am usually over at Two Kids and a Blog sharing fun sewing tutorials so if you need more you can head over there! 

A while ago I did a fun Rudolph quilt and I made it using a bunch of precut squares that were just a touch too big. So I was left with all these tiny little scraps! If you don't have leftovers that is ok too. These scraps measure about 1/2" by 5", but you can cut strips in just about any size you want for this cute project!
Scrappy Christmas Pillow - www.kimsixfix.com

We are going to make a 12"x12" pillow cover. So we need to cut a piece of base fabric that is 13"x13". I used white but it would be cute to use a coordinating Christmas fabric as well.
So grab your base fabric and all your scraps and take them to the ironing board. We are ironing for several reasons. First as you can see my scraps were all jumbled and needed to be pressed. But more importantly when you press two pieces of fabric together it helps them so stay put for sewing! So pressing your pieces together is a great habit to get into for any project! So line the scraps up and press them in place as you go.
Scrappy Christmas Pillow - www.kimsixfix.com
I went ahead and did everything totally randomly. It made this step of the process quick and easy. If you are called to plan out the fabrics or place them in a pattern go for it!
Scrappy Christmas Pillow - www.kimsixfix.com
Once they are pressed and you are happy with the layout of each scrap go ahead and pin them all in place. As you can see I used one pin to hold several strips down! Pin them right down the middle because we are going to sew them down in three places, one strip down the middle, one down the middle right, and one down the middle left.
Scrappy Christmas Pillow - www.kimsixfix.com
Once you have sewn the three lines on each side we are ready to prepare the back. 
My favorite throw pillow to  make and the easiest in my opinion is a pocket pillow. You don't have to mess with pesky zippers and it sews up really quick and easy! You need two strips that are 13" by 9". Turn and sew the edge under on one side of each piece. 
 I turn it under 1/2".
Then line the two strips up on the back side. Put the piece that you want to be on the outside down first. I like the top piece of the pocket to cover the bottom piece. So I put the top strip down first and then the bottom strip over the top. Line them up right side down. 
This is what it will look like when you have the whole thing pinned. Now sew all the way around. I like to reinforce the corners by sewing back and forth a few times on each corner. 
Trim the corners And then you are ready to turn the pillow out. 
Here is what the back will look like with the pocket ready to open up and throw the pillow in. 
And here is the finished front. Just a note: this method will allow the scraps to fray. I am counting on that and I like the idea of it getting some frayed edges to make it look more vintage and old!  
Here is the finished product!! I am going to throw it up on my Etsy shop so head over there if you want to take a look! 
Do you have more Christmas sewing in you?? Go check out these zipper pouches that are so cute to use as gift bags for teacher gifts and small odd shaped gifts! Thanks so much for letting me share this fun pillow with you! Visit me on Instagram and Facebook!
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