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Easy Frozen Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Frozen Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups
Now that the holidays are here, it also means it is holiday pot luck season!  Today’s recipe would be a great dessert idea to take to a holiday party.  These Frozen Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups are bite sized, easy to make, don’t need utensils to eat and look like you slaved away for hours.
Chocolate Filled Cookie Cups ChristmasBut the truth is that you can whip these up in no time.  We are all busy during the holidays and anything that makes life easier is okay in my book.

The key to this recipe is using  Refrigerated Cookie Dough.  In my case I used Holiday Chip but Nestle also has a seasonal Hot Cocoa flavor that would be perfect for this recipe.
Mousse filled pudding cupsThe only other ingredients you need for this recipe is a box of instant chocolate pudding and heavy whipping cream.

Making the cookie cups is no sweat.

Break the cookies apart and smash them down a little to flatten them out.
Spreading cookie dough for cookie cupsNext press the dough into a small muffin tin. (You could make larger cups with a full size muffin pan and two blocks of dough, but this recipe is so rich, that may be too large of a portion for many people.) I sprayed my muffin tins with the non-stick cooking spray that also contains flour.   That works best for cookies in my experience. Pressing cookie dough into pan for cups
Bake the dough according to package instructions.
Baking cookie in muffin tinThe dough will puff up and fill the muffing tin, so while they are still hot and soft you can use the back of a spoon or melon baller to create the indentation in the cup.
How to make mini cookie cups
Making well in cookie cupI’ve heard lots of people have trouble getting their cups out of the pan, but I didn’t have trouble, probably due to the non-stick spray.  I just put a drying rack over the cups and flip the pan over.Easy way to remove cookie cups from panThey fall right out.Cooling cookie cupsWhile they are cooling, it is time to prepare the chocolate mousse filling.  Typically chocolate mousse takes hours to make, but if you use instant chocolate pudding mix, you can speed up the process.  Just prepare the pudding per package instructions.Pudding for cookie cup fillingNext, whip 1 cup of heavy cream until stiff peaks form.
Whipping creamTo give the mousse the light airy texture, you need to carefully fold the aerated whipped cream, into the semi-solid chocolate pudding.
Pudding plus whipped cream mousse
You don’t want to overmix or the mousse will not be fluffy Easy chocolate mousseHere is my final mouse, which I added to a zip top bag to make it easier to fill the cups. Folding in whipped cream to mousseJust cut the corner off the bag and you have an instant piping bag! Filling cookie cup with zip lock bagFollow up with some more whipped cream (either home made or from a can)Whipped cream mousse filled cookieAdd some course sugar and a straw to make it pretty.Chocolate filled cookies cupAnd there you have it!  The perfect chocolate-lovers bite-sized dessert:Chocolate Mousse Cookie Cups

Frozen Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Cookie Cups:
1(18 oz) Pkg Refrigerated Cookie Dough
Baked according to package instructions

Mousse Filling: 
1 (3.5 oz) Chocolate Instant Pudding
Prepared according to packaged instructions
1 cup heavy whipping cream

Press cookie dough into small muffin tin, and bake according to package instructions

Remove from oven and create small well in soft dough using a spoon

Allow to cool

Prepare pudding according to package insturctions, set aside

Whip 1 cup heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form

Fold whipped cream into pudding and pipe into cookie cups

Top with whipped cream and sanding sugar.

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