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Easy Upcycled DIY Cable Knit Sweater Pillow

Is everyone else in the throws of holiday decorating right now?  I know I am!  And even though I have been busy busy busy, today’s tutorial is something I threw together LAST NIGHT in less than 20 minutes!   It was the ‘perfect storm’ that actually brought it together.

I was setting up the tree and decorating my living room and realized I didn’t have a decent Christmas pillow to go on my dark brown club chair.  I had a small square one, but I wanted something bigger and brighter that would stand out against the dark (faux) leather.   
Knit pillow for christmas
And, in what happens to be a fortuitous twist of fate, I also recently pulled an old cable knit sweater out of the dryer only to realize it had a big latte stain on one of the shoulders.    The writing was on the wall.  Turn that sweater into a throw pillow! Of course!
Knit Sweater PillowThe process couldn’t be easier.  You really only need to sew two straight lines.. nothing else.

First I turned the sweater inside out: 
How to turn a sweater into a pillow
Then I used my good scissors to cut right below the armpits and neckline (I made sure to not include the stain.)

Cutting down old sweater for knit pillow cover
If the sweater had been a scoop or boat neck, I could have made a square pillow. Because I had to cut my lower, it ended up being rectangular, which was pretty cool actually.  The perk of cutting it this way is that the sides are already sewn together and the bottom edge is already finished. 
Cutting down sweater for pillow
Next (leaving the sweater inside out) sew the CUT EDGE closed.  
Sewing closed sweater pillow
Then turn the pillow right-side out and insert a pillow form (I LOVE these ones from Ikea.  They are feather filled and only cost $6! If you are allergic to down and/or don’t live near an Ikea, you can get these hypoallergenic ones instead. )
Pillow form inside sweater
Now you need to sew the other side closed. But we are in luck! That is the bottom edge of the sweater, the finished edge, so you can use an exposed seam. DIY Pillow from old sweater
To make sure the edges didn’t warp or stretch, I pinned them together, and then ran them through my sewing machine, keeping the seam and close to the edge and as even as possible. Making pillow from old sweater
Here is what it looked like finished. Sewing knit sweater pillow shut
Sure, it isn’t a perfect finished edge, but I knew I would put that side of the pillow down, so it didn’t really matter much to me. 
DIY Cable Knit Sweater pillow
Look how adorable it looks on my chair!  All for FREE! (Since I reused a pillow insert I already had, and when the season is over, I’ll just take it out!) 
Sweater Pillow with Plaid
It certainly looks like a high end pillow if you ask me.  I love it!
Easy Cable Knit Sweater Pillow Upcycled from an Old Sweater
Of course, if you don’t have a sweater, you can find nearly identical pillows all over the place. Here are a few options I found online:
Wayfair: $51.99
Cable Knit Cotton Throw Pillow 20142
 Home Decorator’s Collection: $49.00

3250790 fpx

Nordstrom: $39.00
8507239But if you have an old sweater lying around (or can find one at the thrift store), I challenge you to try this.  You don’t have much to lose! Easy Cable Knit Sweater Pillow Upcycled from an Old Sweater

Easy Cable Knit Sweater Pillow Upcycled from an Old Sweater

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