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Gift Ideas that Kids Can Make Themselves

Gift Ideas That Kids Are Able Make Themselves. Since every child likes to give presents to friends and family, especially if they have made them with their own hands.
As the holidays approach my kids have started to create a long list of school friends and family members that they want to give presents to.  But my kids don’t have any money to spend on gifts from the store, and in actuality people like daddy and grandma and grandpa, they don’t really want or need anything my kids would purchase.  So this year we have been encouraging the kids to ‘create’ their own gifts.  Just because something is homemade by 6 and 9 year olds, doesn't mean they aren’t great gifts.

If you are looking for ideas on things kids can create I’ve rounded up a few ideas.

Framed Artwork  (Any Age)
Have you child draw or paint an original drawing or painting and put it in an inexpensive frame to make it a ‘piece of art’.  Family portraits, seasonal motifs and the recipients favorite things make great subject matter.

If you child isn’t a ‘drawer’ you can also have them write a note to their gift recipient and frame it as well:

This is a such a simple yet meaningful gift idea.

Simple Knitted Items  (Ages 8+)
Another fun project that kids can create on their own are hand knit items (like headbands, scarves, and doll blankets.)  And thanks to the Knit’s Cool Knitting studio, they don’t have to be hold the needles.
Knits cool knitting studio
The kit comes with needles that are held in place so knitting is easy.
Casting on knitting
The instructions are straight forward and easy to understand so my kids had no problem figuring out the technique. Children learning to knit
Even though the kit is intended for kids 8 and older, my 6 year old was able to figure it out as well (with a little help) Kits stationary knitting tool
She was pretty excited to see her work grow and grow. Learn how to knit for kids
I was amazed with how well it came out. Kids knitting toy
Cool knits toy
We created a headband for my 8 year old’s best friend.  She can’t wait to give it to her! Kids diy knit headband

Baked Goods (Any Age with Assistance)
Baked treats like cookies, cakes and breads, have always been a holiday gift staple.  So why not let your kids help out in the kitchen and create their own edible gifts?  Maybe the cake won’t be perfectly decorated, but that is part of the charm.

Personalized Gifts (Reading Age and Older)
Monogramed and personalized items are all the rage with elementary school girls. So giving my kids the chance to make their own gifts that are personalized for their friends was a huge hit.  We used the Text Cool Bracelet Studio kit (available at Amazon or local department stores) to create personalized bracelets for their friends.
Kids craft gift ideas
The bracelets are a great way to let your kids put their stamp on their gifts. Cool text bracelet craft
The machine is very straight forward to use, and makes up to 35 bracelets. DIY kids craft bracelets
As soon as your kids can spell, they can create bracelets with their own words and phrases. Text cool
Personalized kids bracelet craft
And it isn’t just text! My kids liked the emojis the best. Emoticon stamping
A great gift for your BFF!
BFF bracelet
Text bracelets

Crafts (Ages vary by craft type)
I’ve shared a few craft ideas on this blog that would be perfect gifts.  For example, a flower bouquet made from egg cartons would be even more loved than a bouquet of real flowers.

Which craft you select really depends on your child and the person you are making it for, but the idea is that just because a child makes it, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be loved.

So the next time you are at the department store and your child asks you to buy a gift for a friend, remind them of just how much they have to offer already.. with their own two hands!

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