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Pomegrante Juice Bottle Snowman

Pom Bottle Snowman Craft
Today’s post came about when I was rinsing out a POM juice container I had left over from my Pomegranate Martini Mocktail post.

The bottle the juice came in was just so fun that I didn’t want to throw it away.  (Based on all my KCup, frappucino bottle and other repurposing projects, you can probably tell I have a hard time parting with would-be recycling.)
Empty pom bottle for craft
The bottle sat on my counter a few days until it struck me: The shape of the container reminded me of a short squat snowman. So just for kicks I wondered what it would look like if I spray painted it white.  And this was the result:
Spray painting pom bottle
I admit, at this point I was skeptical if this was going to work out. I mean, I knew it was going to look crafty, but I didn’t want it to look like a second grader made it and I also didn’t want it to look like it was obviously a POM bottle. If you compare where I started with where I ended up,  I think I definitely achieved those goals.. but I wasn’t always so sure.
Plastic bottle snowman with santa hat
Snowman craft from pom bottle
I added a few more coats of paint and on the final one (when it was still wet) I added some iridescent glitter to mask the bottle’s seams.   The neck of the bottle was really long and I knew I would have to mask it somehow, so I decided my snowman needed a santa hat so I gathered a 8x3 inch piece of fleece and some white yarn.
Snow man craft supplies
To make the hat I sewed the fleece into a tube and then ran a line of stitching all around the long side (the opening of the tube) I used the longest stitch length my sewing machine would give me.
Long stitches for gathering
Then I pulled the loose ends of the thread and gathered the top of the hat to close it. Gathering top of santa hatI used a few hand stitches at the very top to keep the gathering closed.  Then I folded up the opposite end to form a cuff. Feece diy santa hat
Next I needed a pom pom for the top, so I borrowed my 1st graders fingers and wrapped the thread around about two dozen times. Wrapping yarn for pom pom
I tied the loops in the center (TIGHTLY) and used a scissors to cut open the loops. Cutting pom pom
This is the wonky puffball I ended up with. Yarn pom pom
I gave it a good trim until it was round..Trimming pom pom…and hand sewed it onto the top of the hat.  Things were starting to look like they would come together at this point! Pom pom santa hatI used a strip of plaid fabric to create a scarfAdding scarf to snowmanUsing a needle I was able to fray both ends of the fabric strip giving me the fluffy ends of the scarf that I wanted. How to fray knit fabricI used tacky glue to add some buttons in various sizes to form the eyes, mouth and buttons of the snowman. Button face on snowmanOne set of buttons was so small I had to use a tweezers to apply them.  (if you are curious, they are called "micro buttons" and you can find them here.)
Adding buttons to snowmanTo top it off I added a set of three little christmas lights charms I had and a yarn bow.
Pomegrante juice bottle snowmanBecause the area of the hat is so large (to cover up the top of the bottle) I wanted to add a little more interest.  I think it came out adorably!
Pom Bottle Snowman

Make a Snowman from a Pom Juice Bottle

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