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20 Places You May Not Be Vacuuming But Should Be

20 things you should be vacuuming.  Besides carpets and floors, vacuums can clean so much more
 It is pretty likely that most households own at least one vacuum cleaner.  But are you using your vacuum up to it’s full potential?  Today I’m sharing 20 places in and around your home that you can clean with your vacuum that you may not have thought of. 

If my case I’m using the Hoover Air Cordless Lift vacuum.  Its 18-volt lithium Ion battery provides plenty of power without the need to be tethered to an outlet, plus the cannister lifts off completely which combines the benefits of an upright with the convenience of a cannister. 
Hoover vacuum at christmas

20 Places You Should Be Vacuuming: 

Range & Oven: Have you looked in the storage drawer below your oven lately?  Debris tends to fall and get trapped in there, clean it out quick with you vacuum.   

Refrigerator Coils: Increase the efficiency of your fridge by vacuuming the exposed coils every few months.  Not only is this better for your appliance, but it should also lower your energy bill. 

Dryer ducts and lint trap:  A common cause of house fires, trapped dryer lint can actually be dangerous.  Use your vacuum to clean out your exhaust ducts and lint trap.  This is a great tutorial for exactly how to do it. 

Cutlery Drawer: Your utensil drawers are a crumb magnet, but pulling every thing out piece by piece and dumping out the drawers can be a pain. For a quick clean, pull out the utensils batch wise and suck out each slot.  Using your brush or crevice tool (in the case of Hoover Air Cordless Lift  they are one in the same) works great for this. 
Vac silverware drawer
Books and Magazines: Instead of dusting books by hand, using a vacuum is much quicker and more effective. Plus you are collecting the dust instead of just spreading it around. The entire line of Hoover Cordless Vacuums use bagless dual cyclonic technology which traps dust and dirt without the need for a bag. 

Curtains, draperies and Valances: Dust will often accumulate on the tops of draperies and between the folds.  Using the brush attachment is the most effective way to pick up the dirt without pulling down the curtains, and the Hoover Air Lift has plenty of suction power to accomplish the task.  Plus being able to lift the cannister off makes it easy to reach all the way to the top of the windows without having the lift the entire vacuum. 

Vehicles: You can vacuum the floors, carpets and upholstery inside your vehicles (not only your car, truck or van, but also RVs, trailers and even boats).  The thought of taking a full size corded vacuum out to the garage or driveway may seem daunting, but because the Hoover Air Lift  is CORDLESS and detaches from the upright base it is a piece of cake. I just lift off and carry it to the car. 
Vacuuming car
Closets: Dirt and debris from shoes and jackets can fall to the bottom of closets.  Often overlooked when vacuuming the rest of the room, it is a good idea to vacuum our your closets regularly. 

Stairs: For whatever reason, cat hair loves to accumulate in the corners of our stairs.  In the past, hauling a huge heavy vacuum up and down the stairs made the process of cleaning the stairs a huge chore, but now it is a cinch with the Hoover Air Lift . In fact, being able to detach the canister makes it easier than sweeping. 
Cordless vacuum on stairs
Baseboards:   Sure you could get down on your hands and knees and wipe down your baseboards with a cloth, but using the extension want and the dusting brush allows you to much more easily remove dust

Mattresses and Box Springs: Mattresses and box springs accumulate dead skin, hair, dust and dust mites. Vacuum regularly to reduce allergens and keep your mattress clean. Running your beater brush over the mattress works well. 

Pillows and Blankets:  Unlike mattresses, pillows and blankets have a smaller surface area which make them harder to vacuum.  To remove dust mites and skin flakes  place a pillow inside a large plastic bag and while holding the bag slightly closed, gently remove the air with the vacuum hose. Then re-fluff your pillow outside or where the air is cleaner.
I’ve actually included a short video demonstrating this technique:  
Hall or Wall Mirrors: Vacuum dusting eliminates the dust that would be smeared as you clean with glass cleaner. Use only a very soft dusting brush on mirrors or glass surfaces.

Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures: Ceiling fans can become quite the dust magnet.  And intricate chandeliers and hanging fixtures can accumulate spider webs.  Using the soft brush on the extension wand is an easy way to reach fixtures near the ceiling. 
Vacuuming lights
Lamp Shades: Lamp shades are difficult to clean.  Using a vacuum to remove dirt and dust from all the crevices is easy and effective. 

Trash Cans: Remove crumbs and dirt easily from the bottom of garbage or recycle bins.

Fans, Humidifiers, and Air Cleaners:  Air cleaners with built-inionizers tend to accumulate dust at a more rapid pace.

Air Conditioner Ducts and Intakes: You should occasionally vacuum the air intakes and air returns as dust tends to collect in these areas.
Vacuum air inlet
Runners and Area Rugs: Use care when vacuuming small runners and mats. Avoid vacuuming fringes or carpet corners.

Routine Dusting:  Vacuuming up dust provides a better cleaning result than wiping which puts a lot of the dust back into the air.  With the flexible dusting attachment on the Hoover Air Lift getting to the hard to reach areas is easy. 
Vacuuming shelves
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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