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Organize Kitchen Clutter With Cabinet Corkboards

Corkboard inside cabinet door
Organize all those papers in your kitchen by installing corkboard on the inside of your kitchen cabinets. Now you can find all those coupons and take out menus and they are stored out of sight!
Little stacks of papers are taking over my life! Post it notes, grocery lists, bills to pay, girl scout badge requirements.. the paper never stops.  I do have a pocket calendar that I try to stick all my loose papers in, but things tend to get piled on the counter or stuck on the fridge to make things easier to see at a glance. But I am tired of looking at t-ball schedules and coupons and phone numbers, plus refrigerator magnets were scratching up my stainless steel.  

I knew it was time to cut the clutter! And so when I saw this cupboard door corkboard idea on Pinterest* I knew I had to do it. 

Organizing Cabinets with Corkboards.. no more countertop clutter

I purchased a 4 pack of cork squares from Amazon for $6 and I used Liquid Nails to secure them to the inside of my pantry doors.   (I only used liquid nails because I wanted them to be permanent. You could secure them with the double sided mounting squares provided with the corkboard.)
Corkboard inside cabinet doors: Organizing Cabinets with Corkboards.. no more countertop clutter Ta-Dah!!  Easy to see everything (especially the important things like my Home Depot bumper sticker that I am too shy to stick on my car):
Home depot bumper sticker

When the door is closed, the clutter disappears:
Organizing cabinet with corkboard
$10 and less than 10 minutes.   
Those are the kind of projects I really like!  And now I can find all the pizza coupons and library cards when I need them.  Win win! 

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