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Glazed Sweet Potato Pecan Scones

Maple glazed pecan and sweet potato scones
I already kicked off Fall with my mantel debut, and today I’m FALL-ing in love with my home thanks to the Fall Home Tour hosted by The Everyday Home.

Today’s posts are all about fall recipes and I am sharing with you a FANTASTIC recipe for Cinnamon Pecan and Sweet Potato Scones with Maple Glaze.   (To me, the flavors of Cinnamon, Sweet Potato and Maple just scream fall!)
Fall in Love With Your Home TourMake sure you click down to the bottom of this post to see the other four featured recipes, along with the rest of the home tour! 

Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

I am SO EXCITED to introduce to to a new monthly feature here on TheKimSixFix.  A monthly recipe post from a super good friend of mine:  Mandee from TheKitchenWife.

I LOVE HER (and her food is fabulous)!  I asked if she would be willing to write a post every month so I could share her fab recipes with my readers.  She is going to be a big time food blogger.. mark my words! You want to start following her to keep up with all her great recipes:  Her blogFacebook, Twitter, Instagram

And without further ado: 

It's officially fall Everyone!  And while the temperature is slowly declining (for some of us anyway), and the leaves on the trees are beginning to change color and drop, I'm just not quite ready to give up my grill.  Yes, I'm craving those heartier dishes, but there's just something about grilled food that is irresistible.  That's why I love this recipe for Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu.

You get all of the great flavors of the traditional chicken cordon bleu, but with that little hint of smokiness only grilling can give you.  This Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu is packed full of flavor, and couldn't be easier to make.  I know you are going to love it, so...

Let's Get Started!
The grilled chicken cordon bleu, on a plate, cut in half, with the title above it.

My Orange, Red, and Gold Fall Mantel

A gorgeous fall mantel in oranges and reds with accent pops of silver and black.  I love how the wreath is hung off the front of the mantel shelf!
Today is the first day of FALL!! Can you even believe it?  Since it was 104 degrees here yesterday I have to say it doesn’t really feel like it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to celebrate!  I actually decorated my mantel a while back, but of course never got around to photographing or posting about it.

Using Yoghurt To Create Decadent Desserts

Yoghurt cupcakes
Today’s post is more than a simple recipe.  It is about utilizing a simple ingredient (in this case yoghurt) to create a unlimited variety of dessert options for any palette. Often relegated to breakfasts, and lunch boxes, yoghurt is frequently overlooked when it comes to dessert.  But not only can it be served alone, yougurt also can be integrated into sweeter desserts (such as baked goos), offering moisture and tartness, while maintaining it’s fruity quality.

West Elm Inspired Mirror from Tongue and Groove Planking

I built this mirror out of wood.. it was cheaper than West Elm.... yadda yadda.  I DO have all the step by step instructions for you, BUUUT... before we cut to the chase I am going to digress for a minute.  

For anyone who just wants the tutorial.. here it is. 
How to build a West Elm inspired wooden framed mirror with tongue and groove planking. No need for a router or table saw!
Have you ever dreamt of meeting your idol?  You know, the one person you think is SO FREAKING AMAZING, that you just wish you could spend the day hanging out with them so some of that awesomeness would rub off on you?  (But you know you would act a fool since.. you were with YOUR IDOL!!!) 

Maybe you always wanted to get on stage with Madonna, or make crepes with Julia Child or play basketball with Michael Jordan.  And it would be so great because those people are all fantastic at what they do.  That is why we love them.

Well, today is the day, I get to (virtually) hang out with MY idol.. AND BUILD STUFF!!! (SQUEEEE!!!)  Although I talk about how much I love and admire Norm Abrams.. he isn't, in fact, my idol. 

A Coat Rack Made From Hammers

Using dollar store handles and a a piece of scrap lumber, you can create a great coat rack. Perfect for a woodworker.  And the hooked end of a claw hammer means nothing will fall off the hooks easily!
It is that time again.. The Build It Blog Hop Challenge, and this month's theme was: REPURPOSE IT!
Repurpose it challenge SeptemberYou have no idea how long I hemmed and hawed and walked around the thrift store trying to think of a project idea that wasn't lame.

It is HARD.  Some days I think "everything cool has already been done."  But all my fellow bloggers came up with some fantastic projects so NO EXCUSES!

I originally built my cabinet door cornhole boards as my submission to this challenge, but then one afternoon, inspiration struck me.. AT THE DOLLAR STORE.   A huge pile of wooden handled hammers...

What can you do with a bunch of claw hammers?

Show Me What You Can Create With One Board: Win $1000 of Tools

Enter to Win $1000 worth of tools.  Just create ANYTHING with a single board and share it with us!

So remember last July, when I participated in the One Board Challenge with a group of bloggers to see what we could create out of single board?   I came up with a planter, which was okay..(okay it was a YAWN)  but those other bloggers.. WOWZA.  Talk about knock your socks off!

The reader response to that challenge was OVERWHELMING.  So many people had so many ideas for what to do with one board and wanted to participate too.   So all us bloggers got together (big shout out to Jen at House Of Wood for doing 99.9% of the work on this) and we all agreed: “Let’s see what they can do".

So this is your chance to show off what you can make with ONE BOARD.  Specifically one 8 foot long 1x8 board.  And as a reward for the best idea, Ryobi has agreed to give away ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of Ryobi tools.  Winner's choice.

Is that not awesome!?!? I mean, if I was eligible, I would enter again! Your garage could look like this:
Ryobi tools
 So what are the details:

How I Kept My Lawn Green While Cutting My Water Usage by 60%

This post has actually been more than 4 months in the making.  I started a lawn ‘makeover’ this past spring, when I believed our California drought ravaged our lawn was beyond salvation.  I thought it was going to be a fruitless last-ditch attempt to green up our lawn while following the mandatory state water restrictions, but I was stunned with what actually happened.  This past summer, while in one of the worst droughts on record, I was able to cut down my water usage by 60% and wound up with a greener, healthier lawn than we ever had.  

I finally decided to share the results with you when  Scotts® EveryDrop™  asked me to write a post educating people about the California drought crisis.  I know many homeowners have given up hope for saving their lawns.. but  I have been working on getting the perfect green lawn for more than 4 months, and have finally found success!  It is possible! Get a green lawn on half the water..It is possible. Even in the middle of the California Drought.

15 Fantastic Ways to Upcycle Cheese Graters

15 Fantastic Cheese Grater Upcycles.  You never knew you could repurpose graters this many ways!

Kitchen tools come and go, yet the not much has changed when it comes to cheese graters.  Sure, they may pad the handles, or make them round so they will fit as an attachment on your stand mixer, but really.. at the heart of it, cheese graters have stayed pretty true to their original 1540 design (Yes graters are almost 500 years old!) 

 This article from Culture Magazine article showcases the diversity of this common kitchen utensil. (And if you are a cheese grater aficionado, it is practically cheese shredder porn!)  

So it got me thinking.. we all have cheese graters, and you see them at thrift stores all the time.  They are still affordable, even the old ones.  But what could one do with the beloved cheese grater to give it new life?

Well.. I've collected 15 fantastic ideas (NONE of which have to actually do with grating cheese!) So now if you see a grater at the flea market, you may be inclined to pick it up!

Just wait until you see #15!!

How to Sew the Perfect Bean Bag (For Only Pennies!)

How to make bean bags that are perfect for cornhole and other outdoor games. The correct fabric choice, filler and sewing technique will give you a long lasting bean bag that will stand the test of time.
A few days ago, I published my latest IKEA hack where I turned old cabinet doors into a set of corn hole boards.  In that post I explained all the details on how I built the boards, but I didn’t mention where i got the bean bags:
DIY Bean Bags
And since I wanted the boards to be a completely DIY project, that also mean I would have to sew my own beanbags.

Creating bean bags isn’t actually that difficult, but there are some little tricks that can make it much easier and that will you give you much nicer, long lasting bean bags.

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