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West Elm Inspired Mirror from Tongue and Groove Planking

I built this mirror out of wood.. it was cheaper than West Elm.... yadda yadda.  I DO have all the step by step instructions for you, BUUUT... before we cut to the chase I am going to digress for a minute.  

For anyone who just wants the tutorial.. here it is. 
How to build a West Elm inspired wooden framed mirror with tongue and groove planking. No need for a router or table saw!
Have you ever dreamt of meeting your idol?  You know, the one person you think is SO FREAKING AMAZING, that you just wish you could spend the day hanging out with them so some of that awesomeness would rub off on you?  (But you know you would act a fool since.. you were with YOUR IDOL!!!) 

Maybe you always wanted to get on stage with Madonna, or make crepes with Julia Child or play basketball with Michael Jordan.  And it would be so great because those people are all fantastic at what they do.  That is why we love them.

Well, today is the day, I get to (virtually) hang out with MY idol.. AND BUILD STUFF!!! (SQUEEEE!!!)  Although I talk about how much I love and admire Norm Abrams.. he isn't, in fact, my idol. 

I have followed Brittany's blog since BEFORE I was a DIY blogger.  (Back in the way way back machine when I was still blogging about work-life balance.. ) She was always so amazing and patient and funny.  I read her blog when I first started doing projects around my own house.  She was the first handy-woman I ever 'knew.'  (My own mom can barely hang a picture! I didn't have many handy female role models.) 

The first project that got me hooked on her blog was her closet turned reading nook.  That was back in 2010, when NOBODY was turning closets into anything but closets!  I remember thinking how smart and daring she was.  To basically take apart a closet. Oh the humanity!

Well, I met her the first time ever at Haven, 2013.. and acted all dorky. And then I met her again at Haven last year..and I kept my cool so much better.. (kinda.. sorta)

And now, I am guest posting on her blog.

Oh.  My.  Gosh!!!

Someone pinch me! 

I wish it were under better circumstances (like she was blown away by my ever astounding use of garbage in home decor that she couldn't resist asking me to share it on her blog), but alas, it is a little more serious than that.. so please keep Brittany in your thoughts as she recovers!

Until then.. enjoy her rockstar tour!  The other 14 bloggers are also PHENOMENAL! For their tutorials you can of course visit Pretty Handy Girl, or check out their home blogs: 

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