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Upgrade to Integrated USB Wall Outlets: It's Easy!

How to replace standard wall outlets with USB charging outlets. A great way to charge USB devices without giving up an outlet.
Earlier this week, I did a periscope broadcast of me replacing one of my standard two socket kitchen counter outlets with new USB integrated outlets.  The kind that have 2 outlets and 2 USB ports although there are lots of great versions on the market.

I know not a ton of people are on Periscope yet (and since those broadcasts only last 24 hours), I decided I would edit that video down and share it here as well:

If you aren’t a fan of video, you also may be interested in a similar tutorial I shared earlier, about replacing electrical outlets.  That one has step by step still photos:

And finally, if you are REALLY into electrical work and cant' get enough.. here are some more posts you may like: 

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