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Personalized Stationery Set Teacher Gift

Another school year is coming to a close and that means time for another set of Thank You Teacher Gifts!  I have done a lot of "Summer Is Here" gifts before.  Here are a few other ideas I've used in the past:

For this year's gift I asked the teachers what they actually could use (since I know not every teacher wants another coffee mug or hand lotion.)  They told me they could always use STATIONERY.  Because they send so many notes home with students, including lots of thank you notes, they go through stationery rather quickly. 

So I swung by the big box store and picked up a few packs of notecards, and some pretty pens: 

I didn't want to just stuff them all in a gift basket without making them cute, so I unpackaged them and wrapped them in baker's twine: 
I found some monogramed polka dot notecards that were adorable! 
Instead of a basket, I found this stationery storage box, which would be a great place to keep their notecard stash.  I went with the gold, black and white color scheme and let the pink and blue be my pops of color: 
Finally, I added a gift card and the thank you card.  I used glittered clothespins to help secure them.
I love the fact that it is something the teachers can actually use: 

It is hard to believe school is almost over already!  It feels like it was just yesterday I was creating 'back to school' gifts!

I hope you have a great summer!  

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