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DIY Rhinestone Flag Pillow

Before I get started I wanted to send out a note to my regular readers:  I wanted to let you know that I will be shifting my posting schedule for the summer.   I am going to be working on a few LARGER projects which will require more time, and so instead of pushing out posts just to stay on schedule, I'm only going to be sending out posts when I actually have something finished.

Right now I'm hoping for a Tuesday/Thursday schedule (which means you will get posts on You're Gonna Love It Party Day) but it may be even more sporadic.  

If you haven't subscribed by email yet, this is the best way to not miss new posts (and not have to check back regularly).   You can sign up here and opt in to receive either a weekly summary of all new posts at once or each post delivered immediately when it is published.

You also can opt in or out of the weekly linky party (regular subscribers don't get a party email unless they specifically request it.)  

I have big plans for some great posts this summer... so stick around.

Ironically, I actually don't have a full post for you today.. Instead I'm sharing my tutorial for this sparkly DIY Denim and Rhinestone Patriotic Pillow over on The Pinning Mama.
Create this sparkly patriotic pillow.  A perfect kids' craft using rhinestones and glue.  Make your own denim pillow cover or buy one.
If you need your red white and blue fix, since you haven't had enough yet.. you can head over there!  

And if that isn't enough, here are some other projects I'd love to share with you, in case you missed them the first time:

Thanks so much for hangin' with me!

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