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Personalize Sports Helmets with Removable Vinyl Decals

Customize sports helmets with vinyl
Spring is here and that also brings with it Softball/Baseball/T-Ball season in our house. Of course that also means lots and lots of sports equipment.  Uniforms, bats, balls, gloves, bags, shoes, and helmets.  All of which needs to be labeled so it doesn’t get lost.   Typcially we just use sharpie to label their equipment, but their helmets is a different story.   In order to make theml a little more custom, we always add their names and team logo to their helmets.  

You can buy helmets already painted in team colors, or you can colored striped decals and standard Major League Baseball Logo Decals but it is a lot harder to find something custom.
Helmet stripe decals
 Each of the girls plays ball in the local girls’ league  and every year they get assigned to a new team with a new team name.  The girls to get pick and so (as you can imagine) the team names for Kindergarten girls can be rather.. interesting.  (The first year we played my daughter was on the “Pink Ponies” along with teams like “Sparkle shines” and “Queen Bees”

I’m pretty sure the 'Sparkle Shines' isn’t a logo you can pick up on Amazon.

I also had the problem that we reuse the helmets year after year so I needed a solution that would only be semi-permanant.  I didn’t want to stencil or paint them.  

The solution was obvious: Custom vinyl decals cut on my Silhouette Cameo. You can buy semi-permanant vinyl (Oracal 631) which will come off easily.  (I even used permanent vinyl last year (Oracal 651) and, as you will see below, I was even able to get that off a year later.

Last year my eldest daughter was on a team called the Sharks.  This was their logo on her helmet. (It still looks good for being thrown around the dugout for year):
Sharks baseballI heated it up with a hair dryer, scraped it off with a razor blade and then removed the remaining residue with Goo Gone and it came completely off: Removing labels from helmetThis year she is on the Smashers, so I cut their logo out of vinyl (one for each side)h: Helmet stickers smashersAnd the transferred it to the helmet with dollar store contact paper: Adding vinyl to sport helmet
The final product:
Personlized helmetOf course we also added her name and jersey number:
Jersey number on helmet
My 5 year old’s team chose “Bear Cubs” as their team name.  (Since we live in the Bay Area I am pretty sure the Cal Bears had a little bit to do with that choice)

One of the moms on the team drew up a logo for us:
Bear cubs tball logoI took it into photoshop, traced it:
Bear cubs traced logoAnd then cut it out of vinyl and put it on the front of the helmet: Bear cub softball helmetIn order to make it easy to find the right helmet (and so you can see who is under the giant helmet when they are up at the plate), I also added names to the sides:
Name on baseball helmet
It was actually a fun little project, and only cost me a couple dollars.  If you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, you can buy stock decals online.  
How to personalize sports helmetsNow if only batting practice were so easy!

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