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DIY Personalized Mickey and Minnie Frames

DIY Mickey and Minnie FramesTracking Pixel
I recently found out that Disney On Ice’s latest was coming to the Bay Area and I wanted to come up with a clever way to pop the news.

I decided to leave a little note on the kitchen table so that when the girls came down they would find out.  But I wanted something a little more special than a plain note, so I decided to create some custom frames for each of them.

Surprise Disney AnnoucementNow, not only I can make the announcement in a special way, but I also will have a souvenir to hold a photo of each of them after the show.
Minnie mouse frame

Creating the frames was a piece of cake.   First I found some wide flat frames (on sale since they were an obnoxious Cheeze-Ball Day-Glo high gloss orange) at the discount store:Frames beforeI roughed them up with a little sandpaper:
Sanding frameI used some multi-surface paint in the colors I actually wanted:
Painting frame redFor Mickey I used bright red and for Minnie I used bubblegum pink:
Pink and red framesNext I cut some circles out of white vinyl and stuck them all over the frame. Red polka dot frameI personalized each frame with the girls’ names.  (This is the free Waltograph font)
Personalizing disney frames
I also cut out two sets of ears and added a bow on Minnie.    This was my first attempt of layering vinyl and I definitely need practice!  Layering vinyl minnie bowThe final versions are pretty cute.. and the kids are going to be SO EXCITED!
Personalized disney frames

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