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Take Control of your Lights! (Wi-Fi Enabled Light Bulbs)

Today I want to share with you some new technology that I have really fallen in love with: WiFi Enabled Light Bulbs!   When GE asked me to try out their new Smart LED lights, I admit I was skeptical at first, but my mind has been changed!  This technology is pretty awesome!  

Seriously, I feel like Judy Jetson when I dim the lights with my smart phone. Check out my 20 second video to see what I'm talking about:
Awesome right?

Now let me answer a few questions that I bet you are asking yourself:  

Why do I really need WiFi Light Bulbs?
You mean other than being the coolest kid on the block? 

Have you ever pulled the car in the garage and had to stumble into a cold dark house with an arm load of groceries?  Not anymore!  The ability to control your lights (or thermostat or security cameras) remotely offers convenience and flexibility.

When you go on vacation do you spend time installing and setting up light timers?Never again. You can set a schedule on your phone to turn lights on and off automatically, and it just takes the touch of a button.

Does it drive you crazy to have to run up and down the stairs since your kids left the lights on?  Forget it.  As long as your phone is in your pocket, you won't need to nag them!

How does it work? 
It is actually super simple!   You only need a wall outlet, access to wi-fi and a smart phone. 

The heart of the system is the WinkHub:
Wink hub
Installation is pretty straight forward: You plug it into the wall.    Yep. That's it.   

Next you install the Wink App on your smart phone.  (It is FREE from  iTunes store or Android play store.)
Wink App Store
Once you have the app installed, setting up the Hub and its accessories (like the GE Link bulbs) is very streamlined.  Using your phone's camera you can scan the barcodes on the products and it walks you through the process step-by-step.  

How to hook up bulb

The WinkHub connects to your wifi and receives commands from your smart phone. Therefore you can control anything connected to the WinkHub from anywhere you can use your phone.
Setting up hub
Once you have your WinkHub connected to your wifi network you can add the accessories like lights (including the GE Link Bulbs),  your thermostat, water heater, irrigation system, or security camera.
The WinkHub communicates with the accessories using a bluetooth connection.  As each accessory is added to the app, they connect automatically.  

Plus the interface on the App is extremely intuitive and easy to use. You don't need to be tech savvy at all!

How much does it cost?
It is remarkably affordable.  The WinkHub is about $50 and the bulbs are between $15-$25 (which is comparable to other LED bulbs on the market)

Plus there is NO MONTHLY FEE to use the system.  Once you buy it, there are no additional costs.

Where can you buy it?  
They are exclusive to Home Depot.
Home depot wink display

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