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Make A Lantern Out of Clothespins

Clothespin lanternsMake a lantern from clothespins
As part of this month's power tool challenge I needed to create a lantern out of wood.

Now I have seen a lot of the same square wooden box lanterns and I wanted to try something new.  So I decided my wood was going to come in the form of.. CLOTHESPINS!
Clothespin light
And instead of square.. I would go with a ROUND lantern shape. 
DIY wooden clothespin lantern
The light itself is nothing more than a string of fairy lights wrapped around a cylinder.. but it gives a great glow though the fun shapes of the clothespins.
Lantern made of clothespins
This project is super easy, since the only power tool you'd use is a jig saw (and maybe a sander.) 
Light made from clothespins
The entire thing is actually assembled with hot glue!  Easy right?
Clothespin lantern
Here is a step by step video of how it came together. You are going to probably be surpised how simple it really is:

Clothespin lanterns
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  1. this came out so cool! Who woulda thunk to use clothespins! Love it


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