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Creepy Crawly Spider Pumpkin

Creepy Crawly Spider Pumpkin

Welcome to Day 3 of “Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover” Week!

We are just hitting our stride.  Today I thought I would jump a little ahead and share a Halloween style pumpkin makeover: A creepy crawly bug-infested spider pumpkin! 

I recently shared this hilarious wreath I found on the Better Homes and Gardens Facebook page.. and I really wanted to copy it.
Ant wreathSince I was in the midst of writing up posts for this pumpkin makeover week series, I knew I could use the similar idea with my own spin:
Spiders crawling on pumpkin
This version is super easy.. and you can find everything you need at the dollar store.. A foam pumpkin and a couple packs of fake bugs.
Dollar store pumpkin spiders
Again.. Just like the wood slice pumpkin, the ‘tutorial’ is pretty self explanatory.  Take bug...  Add glue to pumpkin…  Stick bug in glue… Repeat.
Glue fake spiders on pumpkin
One pumpkin took 2 full bags of bugs (i used one bag of spiders and one bag of ants.) To get more coverage, like the ants on the wreath, you would need more than 2 packages.
Gluing on spiders
I didn’t modify the pumpkin in any way, but you could paint it if you wanted it to be a more realistic color.  I liked the bright orange contrast with the jet black ants and spiders.
Ant pumpkin
I sorta like the pattern (I alternated ant-spider-ant-spider as I wrapped around the pumpkin) and from a distance you can’t tell they are bugs.  The surprise comes when you look really closely.
Pumpkin spider bug
You can buy also larger spiders and flies and other types of bugs and it would completely change the look. It would actually be fun to play around with the patterns:Spider covered pumpkin
I set up a few extra ants in a trail on the table, and tried to freak my husband out.. It is a bit creepy...
Bug covered pumpkin
...yet it is funny at the same time.. Weird how that works.
Spider pumpkin

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Day 4’s dollar store pumpkin makeover!   It is Flashback Friday, so it will be a blast from the past! 

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