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Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary

Today I thought I would share with you a SUPER easy Dollar Store project.  So easy that my 4 year old did all the heavy lifting!
I know there are a ton of Dollar Store Pumpkin projects floating around, but you can always use another!  Especially since my entire investment was only $4. 

The first thing we did was paint the pumpkins with some leftover paint samples I had laying around.  Actually, my 4 year old did this step. It was a great kids project since you couldn't really mess it up:

The color I chose was a light cream. It was actually a paint sample I tested, but didn't use, on the girls' board and batten. 

After they were dry I added some peel and stick vinyl letters I had leftover from another project (a super cute funiture project I'm going to share with you this weekend so you better come back!)   
The letters wanted to peel up off the round surface, but it was nothing a few quick coasts of spray sealer couldn't fix:

Then we shish-ka-bob'd them on a bamboo skewer.  Since they were just foam, this was no sweat. 
Since I had three pumpkins in the stack I went with the only three word Halloween phrase I could think of (and that I had letters to spell!)

I had a cast iron urn I salvaged from a dumpster a long time ago (I never had a reason to use it until now!) I just "smooshed" the pumpkins into the urn until it was petty steady.  I didn't want to permanently attach the pumpkins.

To finish it off, I added some floral moss with a glue gun in between the pumpkins (I also got this at the dollar store, which is why the project cost $4.. 3 pumpkins plus the moss.

And the finished product:

From day-glo orange, to white and whimsical! A perfect transformation.

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