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Wood Slice Dollar Store Pumpkin

Wood slice pumpkin

Welcome to Day 2 of “Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover” Week!

Monday I shared my Burlap and Twine Version, and today I’m sharing my Mini Wood Slice Covered Pumpkin.  (Yes, those are hundreds of tiny 1/4 inch wide slices of wood!) 
Wood slices pumpkinThey are actually supposed to be vase filler or table scatter, that I found at Tuesday Morning on clearance.  They ended up being less than $1/bag.  At the time I had no idea what I would do with them, but I bought every single bag.   I have seen tree slice covered decorate balls as vase filler, and so it struck me that a pumpkin would look super cute decked out in these tiny wood slices.

Pumpkin with vase fillerIf you want to duplicate these cuties, I’ve seen similar vase filler on Etsy or Amazon.  Not quite as good of a deal as I found, but still not super expensive.

I wasn’t sure how much of the pumpkin would show though when I glued on the slices, so just like yesterday’s version, I knocked down the brightness of the orange with brown paint.
Painting pumpkin
The process was super straight forward. I used a glue gun to attach them, one-by-one to the surface of the pumpkin.  (It was easiest to put the glue on the pumpkin and set the slices down into it.)
Gluing wood on pumpkin
It took about 2 hours to do this one pumpkin:
Gluing wood slices to pumpkin
I wrapped the stem in jute twine (the same way I did it on the burlap and twine version)
Dollar store wooden pumpkin
I actually really love it.  The texture and pattern and really pretty in person.
Branch slice pumpkin
…and I love how you can see the teenie tree rings in every slice.  Well worth the 2 hours and burnt fingertips!
Wooden pumpkin

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Day 3’s dollar store pumpkin makeover!   We’re tackling Halloween! 

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