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Clothesline Style Photo Frame Tutorial (Target Knock Off)

Clothesline Frame Tutorial
Before my boycott of Target (Okay, this project is from waaaaaaay back in November of 2013.. I’m not the fastest blogger in the world), I had been browsing around their frame department and I saw this frame that I thought was really darling:
Target Frame

So when I was at the thrift store and saw this frame (in all it’s ugly 1988 mauve and teal goodness) i knew it would be perfect.
Ugly thrift store artwork

And since it was only $3.50, even if it didn’t work out, it was worth the risk.
Thrift store frame pricetag

The first thing I did was remove the artwork and the glass (and believe it or not, you want to save this *cough* *cough* beautiful matted print.. you will need it later.

Ugly 80s print
I used a box cutter to slice though the paper backing and expose the staples that were holding everything in place
Cutting paper backing

For some reason, this frame had like 10,000 of them:
Frame staples
You can either remove of bend back the staples (you will need at least some of them to re-insert your backing board)
Removing staples from frame
Eventually, when you get enough removed or bent back you can remove the backer board/artwork and glass:
Removing frame backer board

You will be left with an empty frame, which is perfect for a photo op:
Playing with empty frame
The inspiration frame was black, but I knew this was destined for the baby’s nursery, so I chose white (it is actually the same color at the trim paint):
Painting thrift store frame
Next I used spray adhesive (you also could use mod podge) to attach a piece of scrap burlap to the backer board. Spray adhesive for frame backing
I wanted my fame to be rustic and a little ‘nautical’ but if you want a more polished look, like the Target inspiration, you could use a fine line or even pretty paper.
Burlap backed photo frame
Next I attached a piece of twine (again for the rustic look, if you wanted the look of the Target version, you could use wire or even black electrical line):
Attaching clothesline to frame
You need to make sure the line is taught so when you attach your photos you don’t have them sagging too low.  Also make sure the attachment points are higher than halfway up since you photos need to hang BELOW them:
Checking clothesline frame
Once the line is strung, you can return the backer board/artwork to the frame and push down all the staples to secure it:
Reusing thrift store artwork
If you have any bubbles in the burlap, or it isn’t sitting nicely in the frame, you can use a putty knife to smooth it out:
Smoothing burlap
Finally you need some binder clips.  The office supply store has all sorts of colors, but I chose these super shiny stainless steel ones:
Binder clips

And that is all there is to it.  Attached your photos evenly down the ‘clothesline’ and you are ready to go:
Clothesline style photo frame

I actually ended up not using the frame for photos, but for some little nautical flags which spell out “J-O-S-H” in the baby’s bedroom (I’ll have a tutorial on those soon..) but I think it is cute either way.

And not a bad alternative to Target’s version, but for only $5!

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  1. I know it's a bit corny to say but yours is much nicer! Thrift/Charity shops are just such a great source of frames aren't they?!

  2. Thanks! I think the black one is more modern, and in the right setting (like an office with dark wood) it would be really nice, but for what I wanted it for, I definitely needed a more 'rustic feel'

  3. The picture gallery is a cute look, but your nautical flags rock it!

  4. Kim, this is so cute - I love the flags and the price can't be beat.... Cathy

  5. What a wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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