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Nautical Nursery:Shopping and Painting (ORC Week 2)

Time for a quick update on the nursery progress for Calling It Home's One Room Challenge party.  I have been a busy bee, but don't have a ton of show for it just yet.  I'm still in the "planning/figuring out what I can do with with I have to work with" phase.

I have posted about a few projects that are specifically for this space. 

And I did swing by the Alameda Point Antiques Fair this month. This is a HUGE flea market that is held once a month in Alameda California.  I was there more than 4 hours and barely got through half of the more than 200 vendors.  They actually tape the shows like Design on a Dime and Flea Market Flip at this sale.  It was tons of fun!

Here are a few of the "treasures" I picked up all for under $50 (no single item was more than $15).

Some small boat oars.  I love the patina on them, but the black color probably won't work.  We'll see:

A pair of wooden buoys.  Not authentic ones, but close enough for looks.
A couple of model boats.  (The red one I actually found at my local thrift shop):

A little shelf, already painted in my room colors (FATE!!) 

A vintage lantern.  I love how it is "anchor" brand! 

And a really really ugly piece of 'artwork.'

I"m not really using the print, but for $3.50 I couldn't pass up such a large frame.  I have a plan for this baby:

And the last big piece of progress this week: The walls are painted!  You remember I had it narrowed down to these three colors:

Well, I settled on the middle one (Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore) with Martha Stewart's Glass of Milk (now by Glidden) below the chair rail (only because that is already the color of the chair rail, baseboards, crown etc). 

I actually don't have an "after" photo of the paint.. but here is what I looks like 'in progress':

So far I really like it. I think it is all going to come together.

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  1. Great finds, Kim! And I love that wall color!

  2. I wish I had a flea market like that near me. What a great source for some wonderful finds. So smart on that frame. This is coming together so well. Great job.

  3. You have fabulous accessories kim!!!! Loving the wall color too!


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