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Fall Scarecrow Mantle (Kid Friendly!)

Fall officially started this weekend, and I've already shared my formal autumn mantle, located in the living room.  I also have a second fireplace in the family/playroom.  Because this is the room that the kids hang out in, I wanted to make it a lot more fun and kid friendly. 
I decided to go with a scarecrow theme and featured some of my daughter's kindergarten artwork. 

I found a "Happy Autumn" classroom banner which I thought was perfect.
The garland is also made of bulletin board teacher decorations I ran through the sewing machine like I did with my paint chip garlands:

 I have a huge collection of cheap craft/discount store scarecrows, so I grouped them all together:
Remember this guy? A dollar store scarecrow pick that I built a stand for.
I added a bunch of dollar store crows.  I originally bought them for a Halloween mantle, but I thought there were perfect for this theme:

Finally, I filled in with the paper leaves left over from my formal mantle's garland:
The finished mantle:
And just so I am keeping it real.. the reason there aren't any full fireplace shots is because the playroom is packed to the gills with baby stuff! It is the playroom after all!

Sharing at some of these parties.

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  1. PICK ME! I would love to make over the front yard!

  2. Oh and the favorite part of my outdoor space is the shaded back yard :)

  3. I love your mantle. When I looked at all of the little "postage stamp" pictures on Sarah's website, your scarecrow caught my eye. Very nice. And so it the little one that is "keeping it real" in your photo. :) Happy fall!

  4. Adorable "little scarecrow" of your own I see. Just love your matle. Perfect.


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