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Autumn Mantle

Even though the weather still feels a lot more like Summer, now that Starbucks is featuring Pumpkin Spice Lattes, it is officially fall!  That means it is time to update my mantle.  (Yes, I am even a little earlier than last year.)
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I was inspired by leaves this year, especially after figuring out how to knock off this twig leaf:

I even made a banner out of paper dollar store leaves.  I just wrote on them with Sharpie:

And my great thrift store find from last year, the Pottery Barn leaf plate:

The rest of the mantle was filled in with other natural things, like pine cones, apples and eucalyptus.

On the floor I used an antique children's chair to feature two pumpkin soup tureens. (One I got on clearance last winter at Pottery Barn and the other was $5 at the thrift store and originally came from Williams Sonoma.)

Now that my mantle is done it is truly:
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