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Rustic Nautical Inspired Mantle

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My 80s tract home has a very different style then my parents' lake house.  Since I frequently share my seasonal mantle designs (which always have a similar look), I thought I would mix it up a bit and share my mom's nautical themed mantle. 

I think it is beautiful in its simplicity and monochromatic color scheme.   Even though I probably couldn't pull off this design aesthetic in my house, I really love it.

The fireplace itself is floor-to-ceiling river rock with a simple cape-cod style mantle.

Because the fireplace itself is so dramatic, the accessories she used are all very neutral, and stay within a theme.   The featured piece is a simple oil painting of sailboats with a rough driftwood frame:

On one end she has a thrift shop model tall ship:

And on the other, a hurricane vase with a candle and shells, along with clear glass sphere that remind me of bubbles:

I love how it all goes together, and is so clean and simple.  A perfect mantle for a house on the water.

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And since I am obsessed with mantles, here are a few examples of my own, not nearly as rustic as this one (Click on the photos for the original posts) :

Easter:                                                 Valentine's Day:

College Football Kickoff:                         St. Patrick's Day:

Fourth of July:

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  1. I love your Mom's mantle. It really is just perfect for lake house.
    Here in Austin we have an elderly man that owns a second-hand store (he calls it a junk shop). Hubby and I sell used furniture to him sometimes and he's just as cute as he can be. Anyway, he collects model ships of all kinds so any we have found in our hunting we know will immediately go to Johnny because if he even sees one in our truck, he'll ask for it without hesitation.
    A couple of years ago, I had our living room decorated in an oriental style and I'd found a cute model Japanese Junk ship at a garage sale that was made out of metal. Well, we made a stop at Johnny's shop before going home and he spied our little Japanese boat in the back seat. He just had to have it! Normally he won't pay more than $5-10 for anything, but he offered me $20 for that little boat so I let him have it. The funny thing is that even though he has these boats in his shop, he never sells them. I don't know if he tells people they aren't for sale or if he quotes high prices when folks ask how much. Either way, he's just too sweet!

  2. Your mantle looks great! I've been working on a "beachy" theme for my master bathroom. I'm just loving the nautical look lately. That oil painting in the driftwood frame is amazing!


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