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Choosing a Carpet for My Messy High Traffic Crafting Space

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Today I’m throwing back the curtain and making a big public admission: I am a MESSY crafter. Some people may be afraid to fess up to a trait like that, but I must.   And not only am I mess, but I am also not focused on any one type of craft, I have a commitment problem. I love quilting, crocheting, cross stitch, water color, hand lettering, paper crafts, and working with my electronic cutting machines. I could never pick just one.  My creative mind is JUST as messy as my creative space.
Messy craft room

You may see all those beautiful curated craft rooms on Pinterest where all the paint bottles are sorted by color and every scissors and pencil has a home.  That is NOT my space.  I am one of those people who needs to spend a lot of time in my craft room cleaning up before I can actually even start a project.  Sloppy craft room
In addition to why lack of organization, my craft room is even more chaotic because the room itself is actually a pass through between the top of my stairs and my master bedroom. That means it gets a lot of through foot traffic all day long.  So you can picture it, a room filled with craft supplies from yarn and fabric to paint and vinyl, with a stream of people walking back and forth through the mess.
Craft room mess
My craft room also has wood floors, but because it is on the second floor, it can be very noisy both in the room itself and downstairs. Plus the sound of my sewing machine or cutting machines can reverberate from the vaulted ceilings making it even more noisy. The solution is to add a carpet to the space. (And to occasionally clean it up a bit!)
Carpet for craft room
That single change has made a huge difference.   A carpet helps dampen the noise and makes the room feel more comfortable. Plus, when I’m standing in my craft room, the added cushioning of carpet beneath my feet reduces back and leg strain.
Rug in craft room
The problem is choosing a carpet for a space that faces as much traffic and potential stains can be tricky. I’m a STAINMAKER. No carpet is safe.  Any floor covering I put down in this space is going to be frequently vacuumed and runs the risk of spills.

Like I said, I’m not a neat crafter.  I tend to throw my scraps on the floor and never clean us as I go.  More than once have I knocked over my iced coffee while working on a project, it is all part of the hazards of being a a creative.
Cross stitch
I was able to find the perfect carpet from Carpet One.  Their LEES carpet line (exclusive to them) is a match made in heaven to any messy space.  I can Relax, it’s Lees, knowing that their 25 year warranty comes with NO EXCLUSIONS, which means they are willing to handle anything I can throw at them.
Craft room carpet
The fibers have Ulta25 stain resistance, which makes it perfect in a creative space. I work with a lot of inks, dyes and paints, and I don’t have to worry about accidentally dripping onto my flooring. Watercolor
The ExtraLoc stability makes it great for all that walking traffic.  Other carpets I had used had worn a ‘path” through the center where the fibers were smashed down.  The LEES line can stand up to that wear and tear.
Yarn crochet
This stability also means it can handle the vacuum.  Getting up all those scraps of fabric, yarn fuzzies, strain threads and tiny paper scraps requires a lot of vacuuming.  The aggressive beater brunch against a low quality carpet fibers would be a recipe for disaster.

Vacuuming rug in craft room
The color I chose for my space was Moonrock.  I picked it since it was a nice bright neutral color and helped lighten up the room and bounce light.  You may think a light colored carpet would be a disaster in a craft space, but if your carpet is truly stain resistant, it is a fine choice.  Your goal isn’t to ‘hide’ stains, it is to never get stains in the first place.

The style I selected is called “Riverwalk", with just enough texture to make it interesting, but not so much that it makes it feel busy (great for masking any footprints or scuffs!) Of course Carpet One’s LEES line comes in many other colors and textures, if you want something a bit more daring!
Craft room fabric storage

What a difference a carpet can make! And I can craft way knowing the that my stain-making crafts won’t ruin my carpet! 
Before and after
Thanks so much to Carpet One Floor & Home for working with me to soften up my craft room.  They are North America’s Largest co-op with more than 850 family owned locations across the United States.  They provided the carpet and compensation for this post, but all the statements and opinions are my own. 

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