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Spring is here!

It has been an unseasonably warm and dry summer here in the Bay area this year, so the flowers are already staring to bloom and the trees are budding out.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out my new camera that I got as an (early) Valentine's day gift.

 I walked around the yard and found flowers I didn't know we had:

A bunch of the shrubs have already put out fruit:

I then walked over to the mall and took some shots of the wildlife:

  The mall was fun because there were a bunch of waterfalls which gave me a chance to mess around with my shutter speeds:

To catch the duck taking off I set my shutter to 1/200s

To show the water flow (over the same rocks as above) I lengthened the exposure to 1/20

Here is another example (Remember to increase the aperture to make up for loss of light with a shorter shutter speed):

I am slowly learning to use my camera, and it is amazing all the things you see when you looking through a viewfinder.  

  I know this blog is really more about my home improvement life, so I may start a new photo blog elsewhere, especially since I am considering a 365 project (a photo per day for a year) but for the time being, I thought I would throw a few photos on here. 

Bear with me.
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  1. That tree/bush thing with the dark blue berries - we used to have one behind our house in Cali and we called it the poo-berry tree 'cause it made one HECK of a mess when the berries came down. It was gross.

    Nice pics!


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