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Chocolate Coated Strawberries for $5

It is Valentine's Day, which means we are being inundated by advertisements with various ways of spending money to prove your love for your sweetheart.

Well.. that doesn't work on me.  Because I am cheap. SUPER CHEAP.  One hubs favorite V-day treats is chocolate dipped strawberries..
 ..but there is NO WAY I am shelling out $30 for a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries! No way.

Especially when they are super easy to make (seriously, less than 10 minutes) and cost about $5 for the exact same thing. You don't think you can get a dozen professionally looking chocolate dipped strawberries for $5?
I beg to differ. 
Plus, if you use my method, you have ZERO clean up.  YES. ZERO.

What do you need?
Strawberries (Fresh & Easy: $2)  
Baker's Dipping Chocolate (Target: $3.19) 
Zip-lock bags
Waxed Paper

This is what you get:
How do you do it?  

Wash and dry the berries. (I place them on a plate on a paper towel in a single layer.)  It helps to chill them in the fridge before dipping since the cold berry helps the chocolate stick and gives you a thicker layer.
Microwave the dipping chocolate (right in the container) until it is creamy, mixing every 30 seconds.  Dip the chilled berries into the chocolate (let the excess drip back into the container.) Once they are done dripping heavily, twirl them around before placing them on waxed paper to harden.

When you have dipped them all, put the remaining (still liquid) chocolate into a ziploc bag and cut a teenie-tiny triangle off the corner of the bag.  Drizzle the chocolate out of the hole and back and forth over the chocolate coated part of the berry.

When they have hardened (less than 5 minutes) remove the berries onto your plate (or whatever you will be presenting the berries on)

Throw away the waxed paper (after peeling off and eating the extra chocolate of course) as well as the zip-lock bag and chocolate container.  The only dirty dish you should be left with is the spoon you used to stir the melting chocolate.

Total cost: $5.19

 I made a dozen and probably had enough chocolate to do a few more.  These were really large berries.

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