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It is Valentine's Day for Crayon Out Loud!

It was almost exactly two years ago today that I spent my superbowl sunday making crayons. So imagine my surprise when the hottest kid's Valentine's day idea this year was homemade crayons.

 Originally when I made my crayons I used a Christmas cookie mold and I divided all the crayons up by color which resulted in these cuties:

 For this project I needed a lot more "new" crayons (about 30) and I didn't want to cause any sort of problems for the teacher about who got what color so I went with the "multicolored" look instead.

I didn't document the crayon making process since it is basically exactly what I did HERE.  The only modification was that instead of melting the crayons in separate containers and pouring the wax into the molds, I melted the crayons directly in the molds and here is the result:
 This method was actually a lot more fun for E since she got to help sort, unwrap, crush up, and fill the molds with the broken crayons.  Plus we didn't have to sort the colors which was a headache.

The original idea on Pinterest was to mount the crayon onto a card and use it as the valentine.  I knew however that that would be a big mess. For one, the crayons don't stick very well to the cardstock (they are wax ya' know) and they would mark up anything they came in contact with, so I had to modify the way I used them.

First I punched out circles out of pink cardstock:
 I used double stick foam to attach the crayon to the card. Because the back of the crayon was slightly concave I needed to fold the foam in half to make it thicker:
 Once they were stuck on the card I knew I needed to wrap them up to keep them from getting banged up and marking up anything they touched.
I cut up cellophane into manageable rectangles (approximately 7x10 inches)
 I tied my bundles with simple curling ribbon, but didn't curl it just yet.
 First I printed out labels onto cardstock with the phrase "Have a Happy Valentine's Day for "Crayon" Out Loud."  I used the label making feature in MSWord to size them correctly.

Using my heart hole punch, I cut out the tags and punched a hole in each one
 After E signed the back of each card, I tied them on and curled the ribbon.


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  1. I love it!!! It is very cute! I went to Ollie's and purchased very cheap cards and trinkets for the boys to give to their class


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