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$20 Weekly Budget: Week 4 Results

The last full week of living on $20 per week and I couldn't be much more excited.

I started this week with only $13.89

Sunday: $4.89 at Home Depot for wood stain to use on my stair makeover project

Monday: My Lowe's card credit card statement came in the mail and it turns out I had a $30 credit! Since I already had used the stain I got at Home Depot, I bought the exact same kind at Lowe's and returned it to Home Depot for +$4.89!  I also picked up some spray paint and door hardware at Lowe's with my store credit.

Tuesday: $4.59 at Costco for 2 Gallons of Milk

Wednesday: $4.83 at the Farmer's Market
1lb. bulk popping corn $0.86
Quart Buttermilk $1.99
4 Apples: $1.21
2 Pears: $0.77

$4.87 at Walmart
Generic NutriGrain Bars: $2.00
6-pk Yogurt: $1.88
3 Individually wrapped string cheeses: $0.99

At this point in the week I was already over budget by 40 cents.  I scraped together a little more than $6 in change out of my car and from the bottom of my purse and put a slightly less than 2 gallons of gas in my car.   Technically I guess that is spending more than $20 because it is cash that was laying around, but a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do.   If I had had the full $20 this week instead of being in the hole, I could have used that money to buy gas.

Thursday: $0

Friday: $0

Saturday: $0

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  1. Wow! Good on you for doing this challenge. There is no way I could have done it! I love that you bought the stain from Lowe's and then took it back to Home Depot :)

  2. Kim, you're amazing. I don't even think I could do this and I don't have kids. But you have totally inspired me and now I want to try it!


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