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Reading Challenge: Week 2

We are still hard at work plowing through the Kindergarten Reading list for our Spring/Summer Reading Challenge. It has been a little rainy here and so we have been hanging out at the library quite a bit.

In the past seven days we have read 16 of the remaining 122 books, bringing our total books read to 29!

This week, one again there was a clear favorite: Take Care, Good Knight by Shelly Moore Thomas.
In this darling story, 3 little dragons are asked to take care of a wizard's cats while he is away. Silliness ensues when they realize they cannot read his note on how to care for his pets. The Good Knight comes riding to the rescue (with his trademark "clippity-clop") and helps translate the note. The cartoonish drawings are adorable, and not the least bit scary. The Princess loved it immediately and we had to read it at least two additional times.

This book is actually a sequel (I have noticed a lot of books on this list are sequels) to the 2000 book Good Night, Good Knight by the same author. We of course checked that book out on our next trip to the libarary along with the others in the series: Take Care, Good Knight, A Cold Winter's Good Knight, Happy Birthday Good Knight and A Good Knight's Rest (aren't these titles a hoot?)

It was also funny that in our search for Thomas' Good Knight series, we stumbled upon very similar books series by David Melling. The first Good Knight, Sleep Tight came up when we did a title search but his other two (Three Wishes, The Kiss that Missed) were equally enchanting. I am pretty sure princes and princesses, handsome knights, horses, magic and humor would always be a sure win.
So once again this week's books spun off eight additional books and two new favorite authors. I couldn't be more thrilled.

Books on List: 135

Week 1: 13 read (10%)
Bonus Books Read: 3

Week 2:
16 read (12%)
Bonus Books Read: 8

Total Read: 29 + 11 = 40
Books Remaining:
106 (78%)

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  1. Thank you for reading my book (and loving it!) It is always nice to know when someone enjoys your story.

    Shelley Moore Thomas


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