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Can money really grow on trees?

In order to get the house ready to sell we needed to spruce up the landscaping for exterior photos. The Princess and I spent a couple afternoons planting a bunch of annuals all around the yard. Great to add a pop of color and make the exterior feel a lot more friendly.

Hopefully the approximately $200 we spent on new plants, mulch and grass seed will pay off in the long run, by making the house more appealing since something the Money Pit really lacks is curb appeal.

Exhibit A: Back Yard of the Money Pit. Can't get much more blah than this:
(How do you like our pirate ship bird house?)

Anyhow.. Here are some of the flowers we planted in our back beds:

Over the summer the beds are full of ferns but because they haven't completely spouted yet, we filled in between them with some pansies:

Hidden away inside a windowbox is St. Joseph, the patron saint of house sales. (Yes, for $4.43 you too can own your own Saint!) In a few weeks he will be buried in the front yard, but for now, the Princess thinks his place of honor should be among the miniature yellow pansies:

And although we all know that money doesn't grow on trees, maybe it will grow among the pansies! Fingers crossed!

This post was actually prompted by the Capture the Everyday Assignment from Melissa over at Adventuroo. I have wanted to do one for a while now, but I finally had an excuse to link up.
Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo
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  1. I LOVE the blue flowers. I really love anything blue in nature because it just seems so out of the norm. Beautiful! Love the house too ;)

    BTW, we're in the process of selling out house and greens and flowers go a long way for curb appeal. Good luck!

  2. Every time I see those flowers I think of the singing ones in Alice in Wonderland! I love the back of your house-- that sunroom upstairs looks like it'd be awesome!

  3. Color me impressed - those flowers are gorge! Here's hoping St Joe does his thing and gets you an awesome offer:)

  4. Beautiful flowers, nice work! I'm even more impressed by the pirate birdhouse...why are pirates so funny? They always make me smile :)

  5. Love the colors in the flowers. Makes me want to get out and see what fun colors we can find in our neighborhood.

  6. Pansies are fantastic - so colourful and yet cheap too! Would love to see a full sized pic of the house & garden now with these new decorations added in. Little things like that can really make a big difference when it comes to selling!


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