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Powder Room Reveal!

I have already given you little hints to the new powder room, but it is time for the full reveal! 

My inspiration post was pretty much spot on.  I put in the molding, and the basket shelves and the beadboard ceiling.  I also lightened it up a lot by picking a new fresh color vs. the awful faux suede finish that was in there before.
Here are a few before shots I shared earlier:

Here is my brainstorming session. Just like my garage planning, I used sidewalk chalk to draw on the walls to see exactly how I wanted everything laid out:
I figured out how large I wanted the box molding:
And I even marked where I wanted the shelving:

Once I had the measurements determined I drew it out all in order to compile a cut list:

Then I painted the bottom of the walls the same color as the baseboards (Martha Stewart's Glass of Milk):

After the white was done, it was time to pick out a wall color.  I settled on 2 choices based on the towels and artwork I already had in the bathroom.  Benjamin Moores' Soft Chinchilla and Gossamer Blue:

 I settled on Soft Chinchilla since it was a more Blue-Gray color while Gossamer Blue had a green tint that reminded me of the color of hospital scrubs.  
Once the room was painted I had to find the studs in order to secure the molding.  When my studfinder was not giving me the answers I needed, I went back to the good old standby method of drilling holes at 1 inch intervals:
 Once I found and marked the studs I was ready to roll:
I didn't own a nail gun for this project so I hand nailed up the chair rail molding to the studs. (I have since bought myself one since I am sick of pre-drilling and countersinking nails. WHOOT! WHOOT!)

I cut all the frame molding to the specifications (including those pesky mitered corners!)
 I installed it with small finishing nails, and then caulked, spackeled and touched up:

I did have one area where I ran into a snag since I didn't take into account the height of the outlet, and I had to work around it:
The last step was painting everything with a final coat:
Plus there was a lot of additional touch up, since whoever painted the bathroom previously, must have been either drunk or blind:

At this point I installed the basket shelves (tutorial here):

and the beadboard ceiling (tutorial here):

and I thought I was FINISHED:

Here it is, reveal #1:
I lived with the room like this for about 24 hours and I decided I wasn't in love with it.  One of the things that bugged me was the black mirror (everything else is the bathroom was brown, including the shelves, artwork, frames, floormat etc): 
I also didn't love how the room was divided up with the color on top and white on the bottom and snce I hadn't cleaned up the mess in my new garage workshop, I knew I had to do a little bit more to the room:
I went ahead and painted inside of the box molding:

 It unified the room a little bit more:
I also painted the mirror the same color white in order to bridge the gap between the lower molding and the ceiling:
I liked how it came out.  It definitely feels like it fits in with the cape cod style beadboard and rustic baskets.
The whole room is just fresher and cleaner feeling:
Reveal #2: What do you think!? 

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  1. Wow! The color changes make it look so much cleaner and roomier. I really love how it turned out. Fabulous job! :o)

  2. hi kim ! thanks for the comment on my blog. and wow, i aboslutely love the entire powder room you've made over. i used to be into that old world, rich color look you had in the before pictures. that totally would have been my style about 6 months ago. and now, the new look is def what i love. light, airy, modern but cozy. the blue is beautiful. i'm following you now. i had to. can't risk missing any of your other wonderful projects :)

  3. I love the color! The idea of using sidewalk chalk to map everything out, never occurred to me. So smart! I want to redo my upstairs bathroom, but we need to replace the floor as well so we've been putting it off. Your transformation is giving me the push to try it though. I host a weekly link party that goes live tonight at 8 EST. I'd love for you to join in.

  4. Kim, fantastic transformation! Amazing how the change in wall color has made all the accessories you had before pop so much more (artwork, the bird). And I'm in love with the writing the idea on the wall in chalk tip;)! I think I'll have to do that one sometime.

  5. I'm in love!!! I am an automatic sucker for any type of woodworking. I love the board and batten and the ceiling! What an impact that made from the before picture. Great job!

    (Tiffany @ Tiffanyandcoblog.blogspot.com)

  6. Kim, your new powder room looks great!! One of my favorites is the beadboard ceiling! The blue color you chose and all the other elements in the room make it feel so fresh and airy! I love it!

  7. Your bathroom looks amazing! I am in the beginning stages of planning a redo of our guest bathroom so the timing was perfect! I am going to try your ceiling treatment--I think it is just the kick my room needs--thanks for sharing and enjoy your new room...do you turn on the lights and peek in every time you pass by? Of course you do and I know you get a big ole happy smile on your face too!

  8. I love this bathroom!!! Great job

  9. The blue is perfection! What a stunning before and after. High-fives to you! :)

  10. Wow - that looks great! I love the trim you added, and the ceiling looks amazing. Job well done!

  11. Absolutely love this stunning transformation!!! I'm putting this in my ideas folder....especially love your ceiling!! Blessings!

  12. It came out great!! very pretty. I love that blue.

  13. You did a really nice job. I'm very impressed. That comment on the previous painter being either drunk or blind cracked me up.

  14. What an awesome redo. I love the color, and the beautiful moldings you added. thanks so much for sharing with the newbie party.

  15. I really like your powder room transformation. Love the color blue with the white. Your powder room looks like the size of mine. I think the white helps to make it look more spacious.
    Mary Alice

  16. Amazing transformation. This was such a wonderful post. I would love it if you would share this at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join.


  17. Just beautiful, Kim! All the wonderful changes lightened and brightened the space tremendously. And I LOVE the board ceiling!

    Thanks for joining the fun at Time Travel Thursday this week.

    By the way, have you entered my "French-inspired" giveaway yet? ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  18. Looks GREAT! The bead-board ceiling is SMASHING!!!

  19. Your bathroom was lovely before, but this takes it to a whole other level. Love it. And your attention to detail makes it seem very possible for others to mimic the look too. The bead board ceiling and basket shelving is great.

  20. Love your bathroom transformation. The color is exquisite and I love the architectural details you added!

  21. I love how your room turned out. The blue was a fabulous choice. I love the baskets and the mirror fram (and everything else :) Connie

  22. This is a really lovely redo! The chalk outline is genius and I will be doing that from now on for my own plans - thank you!!

    Visiting from the Bloggy Olympics at Martha Olympics.

  23. Oh my goodness - I love it so much! I think I pinned everything you posted so I can refer to this when we do our guest bath. Love it!

  24. Oh I love how the bathroom came out!!!! Gives me some ideas of what I can do to my bathroom because it is also in the middle of a transition! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  25. What a transformation! Love the blue paint you picked and the baskets for storage is genius! I'm featuring you in the PoPP Spotlight this weekend. Thanks for linking up!

  26. Woohoo!!! Awesome makeover! Love the colors and the beadboard ceiling!!! Turned out great!


  27. Geesh girl... Nails, miterbox, painting, beadboard, and decorating. You did it all! I am totally impressed.

  28. Very impressive! Love your bathroom makeover. It's pure awesomeness.

    {my simple messterpiece}

  29. FABULOUS! SUPER CUTE! Crossing my fingers you'll share at my party! Saturdays at Seven!

    XO, Aimee

  30. Your bathroom is so very pretty. The color is so soft. I love what you did to change it up - what a great improvement!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  31. Wow. This is gorgeous!!! I loooove it!! Haha, and I love how you drew your vision on the wall! ;)

  32. Absolutely stunning! I adore the pop of blue inside the frames. You did a top notch re-do! Using chalk is so smart! MUCH better than wasting tons of painter's tape. Just grand.
    ~Christina in Cleveland


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